Howie Mandel Reveals What to Expect from AGT Season 19: ‘Awe-Inspiring’

Photo from Howie Mandel’s Instagram

Howie Mandel Reveals What to Expect from AGT Season 19: ‘Awe-Inspiring’

By Movieguide® Contributor

While he’s nearly 70, Howie Mandel is as active as ever with the upcoming season of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (AGT) and the projects that he does with his family.

“So this season…the truth is, we are seeing the youngest people we’ve ever seen, the craziest season we’ve ever seen,” Mandel told TODAY about Season 19 of AGT.

One of the contestants is a two-year-old math whiz who has astounded the judges. “He is a math genius. He can hardly talk, yet you give him any number, anything, he can add them subtract them,” he continued. “You know, his first word was not ‘mama’ or ‘dada,’ it was ‘seven…’ and that’s not the most amazing thing you’ll see.”

“You’ll see magic like you’ve never seen, you will see the sickest things, the wildest things, the scariest things, the most amazing things,” Mandel added. “I mean, I’m so jaded after 19 years – I’ve been on it for 15 years. I’m telling you this is the most awe-inspiring season I’ve been a part of.”

Along with the show, Mandel is also touring the country with a standup special. However, he is still making time for his family. One of his favorite projects is the podcast that he runs with his daughter.

“It’s such a dream to be sitting beside my kid who puts me in my place every three minutes, but that’s okay, I need to be put in a place,” he said. “And we get to talk to people we are interested in and do funny things, and it all came about by accident.”

“[The podcast] came out of the fact that during the pandemic, we couldn’t see each other—we would spend hours on the phone together, me and [daughter] Jackie—and we’d be making prank calls, and we would be just laughing, and being inappropriate, and pranking her mom, just having fun,” Mandel explained of the podcast’s origins. “My wife would walk in and go, ‘Who is this for, what is this even for?’ And I’d go, ‘We’re just having fun.’” They began recording it, launching the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast.

He is also enjoying being a grandfather. He recently had his third grandchild join his family.

“Yes, I love it,” he said.

“My new beautiful granddaughter,” he posted after her birth in January.

Movieguide® previously reported on Mandel:

Howie Mandel is sharing why he’s “embracing” AI technology. 

“I am embracing AI. I have AI in my office,” the AMERICA’S GOT TALENT judge explained. “I work with a company that is creating a proto, they’re called, they’re a hologram company that does it. And I love the ability to do more things than I can do and be in more places than I can be with the use of technology.”

Mandel did admit that he sees the need for regulation, though, saying “the right to kind of own and profit off of images and material” is necessary. 

However, many others are wary of AI, especially as it relates to creative industries. 

“Frankly, the quality and advancements in the technology–groups and writers, I’d say people in the creative arts, they should be concerned,” Ryan Steelberg, the co-founder and CEO of AI tech company Veritone, told Fox News.

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