Jenny and Dave Marrs Celebrate ‘Stories of Miracles, Hope’

Jenny and Dave Marrs Celebrate ‘Stories of Miracles, Hope’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Dave and Jenny Marrs hosted their annual Berry Fest and with over 2,500 people in attendance the couple felt nothing but gratitude.  

Jenny Marrs shared a series of photos on her Instagram which showed the festivities at the event.  

Marrs wrote, “Dave and I sat on the front porch early this morning, sipping our coffee, reflecting on yesterday. We both feel overwhelmed by just how truly beautiful the day was. 2,500 people from all over the country joined us on anniversary trips, girls trips, and family road trips – all in order to be here for Berry Fest 2023.” 

However, nothing could prepare her for the undeniable stories she heard of miracles, hardship and hope.  

She added, “The greatest privilege for us was meeting you all and hearing your stories: stories of miracles, hardships, and, most of all, hope. What a beautiful, beautiful reminder that no matter where we live or what we believe or what we look like; we are all fellow sojourners on this road of life just trying to do a little good. And, yesterday, we did just that. We raised enough money to continue to care for the kiddos in our programs in both Zimbabwe AND Belize. We started the ripple here that will reach all the way across the sea in a great tidal wave of love.” 

She concluded, “Thank you is insufficient. But, thank you. Thank you for being here, thank you to every volunteer and to every food truck and every vendor and to every artist. What a day, you guys. What a day. THANK YOU 🤍🫐🤍!!” 

The Berry Farms wrote on their website, “In partnership with Help One Now, we will not only provide our Northwest Arkansas community with fresh, locally-grown food and a beautiful event venue space, but we will teach orphaned children across the globe how to do the same in their own community.” 

Additionally, “In partnership with Help One Now and their local leaders in Marondera, Zimbabwe, our farm will provide resources to train and empower teenagers and young adults to transition into adulthood with the skills that they need to succeed.” 

Help One Now is an organization dedicated to changing the lives of those in need.  

“Help One Now exists to change that reality in the communities we serve. Our mission is to empower families in developing countries through entrepreneurship, education, and restorative care. Together, we use our gifts, talents, passions, and resources to help end extreme poverty,” the website wrote.  

The Marrs farm also funds The Gatehouse Project which is an initiative dedicated to “providing training and mentorship in agriculture & livestock, wood & metal working, business management, textiles, cooking and even technology to over 80 orphaned and vulnerable children at Musha WeVana Village in Zimbabwe.” 

Movieguide® previously reported 

She wrote, “I’ve lost track of the laps we’ve prayed and walked around @theberryfarm_bentonville over the years. This soil has bold prayers and big dreams burrowed deep within.”  

The Marrs family owns The Berry Farm and donates all proceeds to children around the world to better their lives.   

She added, “Last night, we prayed in the fields for Berry Fest and for our dear friends doing the hard work in Zimbabwe. We prayed for this farm to be a place of refuge and peace and light in our community. We prayed for the families who will join us on Saturday and for the families across the globe who will be impacted because of our little farm tucked away in the Ozarks. What a wild, unbelievable thing this is. The work isn’t easy but it is absolutely worth it. I love that we get to do this. 💙”   


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