Jenny Marrs on Family Berry Farm: ‘This Soil Has Bold Prayers Burrowed Deep Within’

Photo from Jenny Marrs’ Instagram

Jenny Marrs on Family Berry Farm: ‘This Soil Has Bold Prayers Burrowed Deep Within’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Jenny Marrs shared a photo of her family walking the grounds of her and her husbands berry farm.  

She wrote, “I’ve lost track of the laps we’ve prayed and walked around @theberryfarm_bentonville over the years. This soil has bold prayers and big dreams burrowed deep within.” 

The Marrs family owns The Berry Farm and donates all proceeds to children around the world to better their lives.  

She added, “Last night, we prayed in the fields for Berry Fest and for our dear friends doing the hard work in Zimbabwe. We prayed for this farm to be a place of refuge and peace and light in our community. We prayed for the families who will join us on Saturday and for the families across the globe who will be impacted because of our little farm tucked away in the Ozarks. What a wild, unbelievable thing this is. The work isn’t easy but it is absolutely worth it. I love that we get to do this. 💙  

Movieguide® previously reported on Jenny and Dave Marrs using their work for charity:

Even after the cameras stop rolling, the couple continues to work hard. They pick their kids up from school or after-school activities and head home for a family dinner.  

“Dave will make dinner, and we’ll talk everything through to come up with a plan and a story for each house [we’re working on],” Jenny said. “We stick to that blueprint as much as we can. There are always things that go wrong, orders that are canceled or delayed. With construction, so much can go awry.” 

Dave revealed that he and Jenny were initially unsure about signing on to do FIXER TO FABULOUS because they had young children at home. 

“Our producer said to us, ‘If you just have this one chance to shine a national spotlight on your nonprofit work, it’s worth it,’” he explained.   

The Marrs family works with many orphanages in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they adopted their daughter, Sylvie. They also help an agricultural charity based in Zimbabwe that they support with funds from their blueberry farm. 

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