Jesse Hutch, Moriah Smallbone Team Up for Kris Polaha’s New Movie

Photo by Chris Schmitt for Movieguide®

Jesse Hutch, Moriah Smallbone Team Up for Kris Polaha’s New Movie

By Movieguide® Contributor

Jesse Hutch, Moriah Smallbone, Chris Parnell and more are teaming up for the Kristoffer Polaha-directed MEMEC. 

“Able to start releasing some goodies regarding a new project,” Hutch wrote of the mysterious new project. “#MEMEC was filmed with a bunch of friends. My role is nutty and out there. A dark comedy with serious undertones, this character is a dude who believes he is the Bees knees. But he isn’t. Can’t wait for everyone to meet ‘Robert Van Sickle.’”

Hutch tagged Polaha, Smallbone and Parnell, along with co-stars Kevin Lawson, Cody Smith and Melody Ricketts, as well as producer Ken Carpenter. 

Hutch posted more about his character in MEMEC on Instagram. 

“Trust me when I say that you have never seen me play a character like this…EVER!!!” he wrote. “This dude is a trip. When I have permission to share more, I will. The cast is super cool and I was glad to have my name in the hat for this one. Thank you team. See ya out there.”

Ricketts has also posted about her time on MEMEC. 

“audition for first SAG/feature film ✔️ book it ✔️ have an on-set experience that manages to go above and beyond high expectations in every way ✔️” she posted under a series of images from the set. “dear @memecfilm cast + crew… “thank you” doesn’t begin to cover it. i’ve dreamt of being part of a movie like this for as long as i can remember and i couldn’t have been blessed with a kinder/cooler/more talented group of people to bring that dream to life with. i genuinely hope to work with each and every one of you again.”

Ricketts continued, “STAY TUNED, y’all!!! this film is gonna blow you away!”

Polaha, Hutch and Smallbone have all attended the Movieguide® Awards and are vocal about their faith.

“I’ve always wanted to play characters that speak to the human struggle, and there’s nothing more human than our desire to believe in something greater than ourselves,” Polaha said of his role in last year’s faith-based movie THE SHIFT. “… I’m always attracted to that theme because I think it is, honestly, the most important thing in all of our lives.”

Hutch, likewise, grounds his life in his faith.

“You need a base to operate from no matter what you do…For my wife and I, it’s faith, that’s where we go to,” he said previously. “Because there’s not a lot of good leaders out there and that’s just the fact and so, who am I gonna follow? You have to answer that question, and for me I follow Scripture, I follow the Word of God, I follow Jesus Christ.”

Smallbone, wife of for KING + COUNTRY frontman Joel Smallbone, finds her worth in Christ.

“When your circumstances, when the people around you, when the situation you find yourself in is tearing you down, is trying to tell you that you’re not worthy, that you’re not worth it, that you don’t deserve love,…it takes so much mental fortitude and strength of spirit to go, ‘God you have created me, and my identity is in You,’” she told the Christian Post.

We’re excited to see what MEMEC has in store! 

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