Jill Wagner Reflects On Giving Life to God: ‘God Was With Me’

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Jill Wagner Reflects On Giving Life to God: ‘God Was With Me’

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Actress Jill Wagner recently opened up about the moment she surrendered her desires to God and how He transformed her life. 

“You know, I kind of went through a really down phase of my life where I was feeling really down and depressed and kind of lost, I would say lost would be the best word,” the Movieguide® Grace Prize nominee expressed. 

“On paper, my life looked perfect. I was this actress, and I was traveling all around, and everything was exciting. But really all I wanted was stability, and I wanted a family, and I wanted a husband, and I didn’t quite understand what was wrong with me and why couldn’t have those things,” she continued. 

“So, I started talking to God and I started telling God, ‘Here’s my problems. Here’s my issues. Here’s what I need in my life’ and then letting go of it all,” Wagner explained.

“And then there was something that came over me, and it was like an energy,” she said. “It was God, I guess. It was like a big bear hug. And it was the feeling that no matter what, with or without a husband or family or anything that, I was loved, and I was going to be okay.

“And then I started to feel like ‘Wow, maybe I’m going to be good being alone by myself,’ but not really by myself because I had God. So that was what I needed. I think I needed to know that God was with me no matter what and then I let it go.”

After that experience, God changed Wagner’s life. 

“A month later, my husband comes back into my life,” she shared. “And there’s a long story there because we actually met when I was 17. But that’s a whole other video. He comes back into my life, and we both actually found our faith again and realize how important it is in our relationship and not just…our personal relationship with God but our relationship with one another. And we put that first now in our marriage.”

She added that this experience of surrendering to God is “the reason why I have a strong faith, and I didn’t find my faith until later on in life.” 

“There was a time in my life I felt alone, sad, distant like there was nothing left to fight for…then I looked up, asked for help and HE came,” she shared previously about coming to faith. “I just want to remind people that God is always around if you ever need to speak to him. HE listens.”

In a Facebook post, Wagner wrote, “I thank GOD every single day for the breath in my lungs, my beautiful family, my solid friends and for the gift of being able to walk this earth as a healthy woman. #life #amen #GOD #thankful” 

Movieguide® previously reported: 

In a new video for Great American Family, Jill Wagner shared her thoughts on signs from God and the personal signs she’s received from Him through the years. 

Wagner said she started to have a “real” relationship with God in her “mid-to-late-30s.”

“It was like my eyes were open all of a sudden,” she shared. 

“I started to see signs all around me, and God was talking to me every single day, whereas before…I didn’t have the lines of communication open up there,” the actress said. “But they’re there.”

The Movieguide® Grace Prize® nominee then shared some personal stories about signs God has given her over the years. 

“I used to ask God, ‘Give me a sign if I should do this thing, or not do this thing,’ which I’m sure we all have done,” she said. “One particular time, I said, ‘If I’m going to be okay, I need to turn on the radio and hear ‘Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay.’”

She continued, “I kid you not, this actually happened to me when I was in college. I don’t know if I even expected to get a response. It kind of just came out. And I remember, I turned the channel, and it was ‘Sitting’ On the Dock of the Bay.’”

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