Justin Bieber: I Want to Have a Tribe of Children

Photo from Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Justin Bieber: I Want to Have a Tribe of Children

By Movieguide® Staff

Christian singer Justin Bieber says he wants to have a “tribe” of children with his wife, Hailey, but the two are not in any rush. 

While on a recent episode of THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, Bieber opened up about his desire to start a family. Although the 26-year-old Grammy winner said he is excited to begin that journey, he added that he wants to respect his wife’s desires and pursue that next step together. 

“I am going to have as many as Hailey is wishing to push out,” Bieber told Ellen DeGeneres. “I’d love to have myself a little tribe.” 

He continued, “I think the issue—there’s not really an issue—I think Hailey still has things she wants to accomplish as a woman and I think she just wants to—I just think she’s not ready yet and that’s okay.” 

Beiber recently released the faith-filled song, “Holy,” which talks about the Christ-centered love he shares with his wife.

The couple tied the knot in 2018 after a short engagement and now often shares what God is doing in their marriage and lives. 

“Hailey Bieber. I am so lucky to be YOUR husband! You teach me so much everyday and make me such a better man!” Bieber wrote on Instagram for their one-year anniversary. “I am committed for the rest of our lives to empower you to be the woman God has called you to be. My heart is to enable you to achieve all of your wildest dreams! I promise to always put you first, to lead with patience and kindness!!”

Hailey also notes the strong foundation that they share together in their faith. Movieguide® previously reported:

Hailey Baldwin Bieber credits faith in Jesus Christ as the foundation for her marriage to Justin Bieber.

“Being able to share that with each other—to have that bond of faith and spirituality—is so [critical] for us,” Hailey said in her ELLE cover story. “It’s the most important part of our relationship, following Jesus together, being a part of the church community together. It’s everything.”

The young supermodel was unashamed to share just how significant faith has been throughout her life.

“As I got older, it got harder to follow church and the Bible because it felt very adult. I don’t want to sound wrong, but it was boring. I didn’t care about it anymore, until I found a church I felt was geared toward young people. And for me, that was the Hillsong Church in New York City,” Hailey said. “It started to feel like my own little community of people who were also young and following God and just immersed in a church community. Then I developed my own relationship to church and my own relationship with God, separate from being raised that way by my parents. That’s been a cool journey for me.”