Kevin Sorbo to Star in Faith-Based Movie A PROPHET LIKE ME

Kevin Sorbo to Star in Faith-Based Movie A PROPHET LIKE ME

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kevin Sorbo and Lee Benton are slated to star in Sovereign Right Hand Throne Films’ faith-based movie A PROPHET LIKE ME.

A PROPHET LIKE ME will explore the lost years of Jesus.

“After He returned with Joseph and Mary to Nazareth at age 12 – and His public reemergence at ‘about 30 years of age.’ This film focuses on 2 years in Jesus’ life before beginning His revolutionary ministry,” a brief synopsis reads.

“Presenting an exciting new film, A PROPHET LIKE ME (working title), allows you to be personally involved in the ‘grassroots’ stages of production. It unfolds Jesus’ spiritual development which ultimately explodes into His world-changing ministry. The film depicts the demonic forces that strived to stop the world from knowing the Gospel truth that makes all people free. It conclusively proves that Jesus is the Messiah for the ‘multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision,’” the synopsis continued.

Benton shared her excitement for the role.

“Embarking on the spiritual and cinematic journey in A PROPHET LIKE ME — the instant I heard ‘Elizabeth’ I knew it was a divine appointment! I am confident Kevin and I will recreate anointed inspiration,” the actress said, per Standard Newswire.

“Lee brings a wealth of talent, and a deep-rooted belief that permeates her performances,” Sorbo added. “Her dedication to both craft and faith is inspiring. It’s an honor to tell this poignant and powerful story alongside her.”

Screenwriter and prospective director William H. Panko stated of Lee, “Seamlessly blending her passions, Lee utilizes her platform in the entertainment industry to share her belief in Jesus one-on-one. With Kevin Sorbo and Lee Benton lighting the fuse of the opening scenes in A PROPHET LIKE ME, they will demonstrate the miracles and great faith of this lesser-known Bible story.”

Benton’s counterpart, Kevin Sorbo, shared his thoughts on his role: “Offering a fresh take on a time-honored narrative feels deeply significant. To be trusted with narrating the lesser-known years of Jesus on film is quite a privilege,” he said, as the Osprey Observer reported.

Movieguide® previously reported on Sorbo:

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“Hollywood gave me the boot,” he said, but this gave Sorbo time and space to make projects he truly believes in…

“I’m going to keep fighting the good fight and doing the movies that I’m going to do,’ Sorbo continued. “I’m going to make movies that have love, hope, laughter, redemption, faith. I want movies that move people and make them think about things. I like wild movies too, but I like to do the movies that I want to do.”