Kristoffer Polaha Leans on Scripture After Loss

Photo from Kristoffer Polaha’s Instagram

Kristoffer Polaha Leans on Scripture After Loss

By Movieguide® Contributor

THE SHIFT actor Kristoffer Polaha leans on scripture as he and his family part with their loyal cocker spaniel, Rebel.

“We said goodbye to our sweet little Rebel yesterday. He was the perfect companion to our son and for our family,” Polaha wrote on Instagram on Sunday with a slide of pictures and videos with Rebel, Polaha and his son.

“Like I learned in the Book of Ecclesiastes, life is this whirlwind of emotions; joy followed by sorrow, pleasure pinged with pain. All of it, the good and the bad,” he continued, finishing with a nod to his pet, “Thank you Rebel.”

As a Christian actor, Polaha often leans on faith, prayer and scripture throughout his walk of life.

Movieguide® previously reported on Polaha’s relationship with God:

As his career progressed, Kristoffer still went through difficult times and God helped him through. He shared an amazing example of this on the [Jesus Calling] podcast. 

“It was a show called Miss Guided for ABC. We were on the schedule to be picked up Thursday night. Friday morning they took us off the schedule and that was their last day.”  This put Kristoffer in a difficult position. Having not worked for over a year, he was desperate. “We had a mortgage and literally the house had gone into foreclosure. I mean, it was real, it was serious. We had our baby boy, and my wife was pregnant at that time with another one.” Kristoffer and his wife decided to pray. 

“And as soon as I started praying, about three minutes into this prayer, the phone rang and it was the director, this guy named Todd Holland… And he’s like, ‘You were the first call I’m making because I know how important this is to you, and I know how much you’ve been praying for us. And I just want you to know that I don’t know how, it’s kind of a miracle, but we are back on the schedule and they have picked up the show.’”

Now, Polaha has found his niche as an actor in faith-based movies like WHERE HOPE GROWS, THE SHIFT and RUN THE RACE.

In 2005, Polaha and his actress wife, Julianne Morris Polaha, presented at the Movieguide® Faith & Values Awards Gala.

“I’ve always wanted to play characters that speak to the human struggle, and there’s nothing more human than our desire to believe in something greater than ourselves,” Polaha said last year. “… I’m always attracted to that theme because I think it is, honestly, the most important thing in all of our lives.”

Polaha also has a heart for helping victims of poverty and sexual violence. He partners with World Vision and serves as a board member for the Jensen project.

“What the Jensen Project is doing is trying to highlight very small and grassroots organizations [in order to decrease sexual violence]” Polaha told TV Fanatic. “But incredible things are being done. There’s this thing, an organization called The NOCSE, the National Outreach Center for Sexual Exploitation, I believe, that is pursuing places like Twitter and Google and Amazon.”

The actor’s next role will be in Hallmark’s winter romance, A CHRISTMAS QUEST, which will premiere near the end of this year.

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