Musician Donna Stuart Shares Moment She Realized ‘I Want God’

Photo from Donna Stuart’s Instagram

Musician Donna Stuart Shares Moment She Realized ‘I Want God’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Musician and creator Donna Stuart recently joined Scott Linebrink on Sports Spectrum’s “Get in the Game” podcast, where she discussed how she came to have a relationship with Jesus.

“Whenever I was nine, my parents got a divorce, and I was able to go to a kids camp,” she began. “It was at that kids’ camp. There was a guy doing the chalk talk, and he was telling the Gospel. He was doing things and drawing things, and I was so drawn to him drawing. He shared the gospel, and I realized I want God. I want to go to heaven.”

From that point, Stuart began to develop and deepen her relationship with Jesus Christ.

She, her husband, Ben, and their three kids now live in Washington, D.C., where they planted Passion City Church.

“I enjoy creating so much,” Donna wrote on her website. “I believe we were all created to create! We were made in the image of The Creator! My hope is that everything I create stirs hope and gratitude, love, peace & creativity in you.”

Stuart also wrote a book titled, “Growing.”

A synopsis reads:

We are either beginning a new season, neck deep in one, or about to leave the current one behind. In whatever season of the soul, we are Growing. Written from the first person perspective of a tree on how to approach life and the greatest meaning of it, Growing helps us understand the importance of purpose, love, waiting, hope and finishing strong. Growing is meant to be read and then given as a gift for whatever milestone you or your loved one is in, leaving, or about to embrace.

Stuart often uses her social media to share her faith and encourage others through her music.

She explained the meaning behind her song “Restore Me” in a recent Instagram post.

“I wrote the lyrics to Restore Me in February 2019 as a prayer of remembrance when God lovingly restored me as a 22 year old worship leader after having led a double life lacking integrity,” she wrote. “God lovingly benched me and brought me back to the basics of receiving his love and loving him in return. His Word, His Power, His Kindness & Mercy, over and over and over again for a year of NOT LEADING.”

“Fast forward to Feb 2019 as a shepherd in Washington, DC, we were walking into a season of leading friends through a similar restoration & these lyrics were my Begging God to do with them what he had done with King David and me,” Stuart continued. “And Boy did he!! I am OVERWHELMED by God’s goodness and the way he restored my friends. So much glory to God!”