Netflix Animated Series Dedicates an Entire Episode to Promote Planned Parenthood and Killing Babies

Netflix Animated Series Dedicates an Entire Episode to Promote Planned Parenthood and Killing Babies

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer 

Update as of 7.26.2019: Netflix renewed the lewd comedy series BIG MOUTH for an additional three seasons.

In the second season of the Netflix series BIG MOUTH, writers of the adult animated series wanted to show their support Planned Parenthood in the episode titled, “The Planned Parenthood Show.” According to The Wrap.com, the genesis for the episode spurred when the creators of BIG MOUTH toured an L.A. Planned Parenthood facility. Afterward, they decided to tackle the “stigma” surrounding the organization by writing an episode about the services they offer, including abortion, or killing a baby.

“The Planned Parenthood Show” episode starts out with middle school students in a classroom setting and has a few segments that follow an SNL-type formula. Ironically, the students educate their gym teacher, Steve, on sex and what Planned Parenthood would have you to believe are “misconceptions” of their organization. For instance, one student calls Planned Parenthood “an abortion factory” to which the following segments aspire to correct.

In the first section of the episode, characters embark on a STAR WARS-like expedition, traveling through a woman’s reproductive system. Characters call themselves “vagilantes” as they eliminate an ovarian cyst for a woman, referencing Planned Parenthood’s cancer screenings. At the same time, characters marvel at capabilities that women have in reproducing saying, “look around at the majesty of the female reproductive system.”

In the next segment, a 16-year old character named Leah learns of contraception options in a BACHELOR-esque setting. Here, contraceptives, like a talking condom, talking implant and talking birth-control container, emerge from a limo to convince the teenager that they are the best option for her sex life. To the regret of her mother, the teenager picks a less than desirable option which speaks to the landscape of teenage hormones.

In the following sequence, writers of BIG MOUTH handle the abortion service with a decorated montage that encourages viewers to empathize with a female character who underwent an abortion. Audiences watch one mother’s past unfold when she had a one-night-stand in her early adulthood to when she gets pregnant. In the proceeding moments, Planned Parenthood walks her through her “options,” and the character decides to go through with killing her baby.

While on the way home from the abortion, the character has a fender bender with a gentleman who takes pity on her distress. The two develop a relationship, get married and have a child of their own, who turns out to be one of the students in the classroom.

Lastly, the writers tackle Planned Parenthood’s knowledge of STD’s in what might be the most graphic portion of the episode. Here, a male character grapples with learning the outcomes of unprotected sex and the ability to spread his STD to other people. After a slew of graphic imagery, the character winds up at Planned Parenthood where a representative encourages him that men are welcome to the facility too before reorienting his education on STDs.

As the episode ends, the seemingly inept gym teacher, Steve, makes a self-reflexive mark to the audience, jabbing conservatives, stating, “I can’t forget [to thank] the liberal elite for their awesome agenda, you rocked it! You convinced us to an episode on Planned Parenthood even though so many people are gonna be furious at us for doing it!”

Clearly Planned Parenthood and its Hollywood donors feel threatened, as there’s been a surge of support from the left for the abortion provider. Oprah’s magazine supported the “Shout Your Abortion” campaign, and comedian Michelle Wolf’s talk show featured a segment celebrating abortion before her show was canceled. Add to the fact that Planned Parenthood’s federal funding is being threatened, they’re being forced to raise support among young people, hence BIG MOUTH’s episode.

Yet, the wind is changing. Last year, thirty-seven different Planned Parenthood locations closed. Additionally, recent projects revealing the horrors of abortion are coming to fruition, like Dean Cain’s new movie GOSNELL: THE TRIAL OF AMERICA’S BIGGEST SERIAL KILLER which opened up last weekend to nearly $1.2 million. Likewise, the writers behind GOD’S NOT DEAD announced their newest movie, UNPLANNED, that tells the true story a Planned Parenthood worker who discovers the horrors of the abortion procedure and becomes a Christian and a pro-life activist. Jon Voight is also starring in a new movie about ROE V. WADE set to release next year.

The Bible celebrates the gift of children. Consider the profound words of the psalmist for instance, “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” – Psalms 127:3 (NASB). It’s tragic to see shows on Netflix like INSATIABLE, SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT, DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, and now, BIG MOUTH that celebrate sexual promiscuity as well as killing the babies that frequently follows such sexual activity.

What would our culture look like if TV shows told more stories that celebrate adoption? Some series like THIS IS US do this, but why not teach such values to young teenagers as well? Our children and teenagers shouldn’t be learning about sex, birth control and abortion from animated TV shows on Netflix. Parents more than ever must teach children what is right and show them how to walk in the light in a world filled with darkness. If we want our children and grandchildren to recognize purity as a virtue, rather than something shameful, that begins by practicing purity and holiness in the home. We want this for our children, don’t you?