The Oscars Are Not For Families!


By Evy Baehr, associate editor of MOVIEGUIDE®

This year the host of the Oscars telecast is Seth MacFarlane.  In addition, Mark Wahlberg from Seth’s movie TED along with the talking vile teddy bear named Ted will also make an appearance during the awards show set for Sunday night, February 24th.

Hmm, this sounds like it will completely ostracize a huge demographic, the family audience.  The movie TED was one of Movieguide’s lowest rated films of  last year, with a -4.  Movieguide advised audiences of all ages against seeing this film for its sexual themes and the use of the F word.  Movieguide counted at least 124 obscenities.

For this reason, Movieguide advises families to be careful and discerning if watching the Oscars telecast  With a host like this and guests stars like “Ted,” there is no telling what may pass as “humor.”  Use caution!







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