OVERCOMER Continues to Astound at the Box Office, Breaks Theater Records

Photo by Movieguide®

OVERCOMER Continues to Astound at the Box Office, Breaks Theater Records

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Faith-based movie OVERCOMER continued to perform at the weekend box office, sliding in at No. 5, even after two weeks in theaters.

The Kendrick Brothers’ movie initially debuted at No. 3 in the box office on opening weekend. OVERCOMER now plays in more than 2,000 theaters across the country, making it the largest screening of any of the Kendrick Brothers’ movies. So far, the movie has made nearly $25 million.

The success is an answer to prayer, Producer Stephen Kendrick told Movieguide®.

“With [OVERCOMER], we were praying big, asking God for the help with making the best production that we had that would look the best on screen, and also to help us in our roles as director and producer in the storytelling process,” Kendrick said.

He continued, “So spiritually, we continue to ask that the Lord would help us to take the Gospel to the nations. Each film is being distributed not only across the US and in 20 countries theatrically, but it then goes to almost 80 countries around the world, digitally or on DVD after the theatrical run. So, we’re asking the Lord to draw the last to salvation and also to deepen a believer’s understanding their own identity in Christ.”

Kendrick attributes OVERCOMER’s recent success to moviegoers returning to the theaters for repeat views.

“What we did not (expect) is how many people are going back to see it again,” Kendrick said. “It is so encouraging people are (responding) to the movie.

“WAR ROOM shot off (immediately) and leveled off. This one has been more of a marathon,” he said.

Kendrick and his brother Alex say the most important takeaway from the movie is the Gospel itself.

“[We’ve seen] God show up to not only help us get through the production, but to change people’s lives with the message of the Gospel,” Kendrick said.

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