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New Faith-Based Movie OVERCOMER Takes No. 3 At Weekend Box Office

Photo Courtesy of AFFIRM Film

New Faith-Based Movie OVERCOMER Takes No. 3 At Weekend Box Office

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

New faith-based movie OVERCOMER landed the No. 3 spot for box office totals the weekend of August 23, 2019, with just over $8 million. Dr. Ted Baehr notes that OVERCOMER has the most dramatic storyline of the Kendrick movies, and is funny and entertaining.

Political action flick ANGEL HAS FALLEN and the lewd and widely inappropriate “comedy” GOOD BOYS edged out OVERCOMER.

However, GOOD BOYS dropped a total 45% compared to last weekend, while OVERCOMER is in less than half of the theaters than GOOD BOYS.

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Earlier this year, the pro-life movie UNPLANNED experienced similar box office success opening weekend.

OVERCOMER producer Stephen Kendrick recently told Movieguide® about his heart for its impact after theatrical release:

To keep positive momentum going after the release, Kendrick and his team, along with actress and Christian author Priscilla Shirer will release curriculum that walks through these principles.

“We’re hoping that the church will experience a much deeper understanding and hunger to know what God’s word says about who they are in Christ, when they give their lives to Him,” Stephen Kendrick said.

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