Dear America, You Absolutely Should Not Go See GOOD BOYS

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Dear America, You Absolutely Should Not Go See GOOD BOYS

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Dear America,

At Movieguide®, we like to focus on the good, redeeming values in movies. When we review pictures, we look for any sort of faith-based content, for Christian worldview elements that progress the plot and tell the story. Sometimes, a movie is so totally abominable that we cannot find any redeeming quality in it.

GOOD BOYS is one of those movies.

The Seth Rogan movie took top place at the box office this weekend, and this grieves our hearts. We wrestled with how to approach this, since many moviegoers may see those rankings and think, “Man, is it really that bad?”

We’re here to say, yes, it really is that bad. The film is so excruciating that it puts 12- and 13-year-old boys in abhorrent situations.

The movie’s stars have even said that had they not played in the movie, their parents would have forbidden them from seeing it.  

Here’s further proof from our review:

Foul Language:

At least 99 obscenities (about three-fourths are “f” words), four GD profanities, one JC profanity, six light profanities, obscene gestures in a couple scenes, a crude reference to something smelling like feces, several obscenities in a song over the end credits, and boys vomit when they see a car wreck on a freeway where a life-sized female sex doll flies out of a car and lands in the middle of the freeway, but they think it’s an actual human body, even though, coincidentally, they had just sold the doll to the man driving the car that contained the doll;


Strong comic violence and some light comic violence includes three 6th Grade boys use a paintball gun to fight off some college fraternity, several fraternity members are shot in the groin by the paintball gun, one of the fraternity members slugs one of the boys, the boys place a sadomasochistic ball gag over the mouth of one of the fraternity guys, a car wreck on a freeway causes a life-sized female sex doll to go flying out of a car, a drone is hit by a school bus, a chase scene involves three boys on bicycles; 


No depicted sex but many often crude sexual references (some of them very gross), including multiple crude references to fornication (often using the “f” word), multiple references to sadomasochism often played for laughs, multiple references to sadomasochistic sex toys and devices often played for laughs, at least two crude references to oral sex, three 6th grade boys discover a sex doll in one their homes, and a man who’s come by the house to buy a collectible game card decides to buy the sex doll instead, at least two implied visits to porn sites, 6th grade boy picks a female avatar for a game and hits a button to enhance the size of the avatar’s breasts several times, father encourages his 6th grade son to masturbate, references to kissing girls, a couple crude references to anal sex, three homosexual references (listed above), and 6th grade boy wants to kiss a girl in his class, and he attends a party where spin the bottle will be played and kissing between boys and girls is promised to occur, boy eventually kisses aforementioned girl, and some minor sexual references;


Boys find a couple rubber versions of male sex organs among one of their parents’ belongings and several visuals of these versions occur, upper male nudity when a fraternity pledge appears in his underwear with a crude insult written on part of his chest that’s been shaved for the purpose;

Alcohol Use:

Underage beer drinking by 6th Grade boys in two scenes; 

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:

Movie makes light of people using Ecstasy the party drug and of 6th Grade boys stealing Ecstasy pills from two older teenage girls and then buying two more pills when one of the boys gives the other pills to a policeman who’s too tired to inquire where and how they got the pills, and scenes from a 6th Grade play at one point show a student actor playing an adult character in the play pretend to snorting cocaine, and two older teenage girls appear to be high on Ecstasy in one scene, a fraternity guy takes puff of a marijuana bong and blows the smoke into a 6th Grade boy’s face, and movie seems to make light of the anti-drug education of the three 6th Grade boys, who believe the negative things they’ve been taught about illegal drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:

Strong miscellaneous immorality includes boy steals girl’s bag because she wouldn’t give back a drone that he and his two friends were flying to spy on the girl and her friend, boys spy on two girls without their knowledge but are eventually discovered and suffer some consequences, three 6th Grade boys ditch school to go buy a replacement for a wrecked drone that accidentally got hit by a school bus that morning, bullying occurs, boy sneaks out of his bedroom to attend a party after he’s been grounded by his father, and lying.

Do not waste your money on this trash.

God’s Word tells us in Philippians 4:8 to think on whatever is pure, lovely, and admirable. To watch this movie would be a direct violation of the Bible.

We prayerfully ask you to avoid this movie and click here to read our reviews of other movies before you hit the theaters this weekend.