How Phillies Pitcher Aaron Nola Relies on Faith Through Career Highs, Lows

Photo from Aaron Nola’s Instagram

Phillies Pitcher Aaron Nola Relies on Faith Through Career Highs, Lows

By Movieguide® Contributor

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola has pitched for nine consecutive years in Major League Baseball.

However, on October 4, Nola accomplished something he hadn’t had the chance to do before: win his first-ever postseason game.

Nola has always professed his faith. But in 2019, he put that faith to the test.

“He was coming off of his All-Star appearance, in the first year of a lucrative new four-year contract, but his ERA had ballooned higher than it’d ever been. Baseball culture is rife with superstitions, and Nola approached the game no differently. Seemingly, no matter what routines he adjusted, he couldn’t catch a break. It was confusing and tiresome,” Sports Spectrum reported.

Things began to change when he realized that God brought him to the MLB.

“When I did that, things started to turn around,” he told the Philadelphia Enquirer in 2022. “Things started to be a little bit more at peace…When you have superstitions like I did, when things go bad, you have to find something else to be superstitious about. Then, the next time, something else. And keep searching. But with faith, you go to One thing and One thing only.”

Additionally, in an interview with Phillies team chaplain Jeff Boettcher, Nola stated, “Through Bible studies and chapels, I learned who Jesus is and what He could do and to put all my trust and all my faith in Him…He has a reason for everything, and we should always put our trust in Him with that, because He knows where our path is going — He makes it — and the outcome is in His hands.”

“There are things that are going to happen to us that we don’t like, that we don’t expect and that are unexpected, and we shouldn’t ask too many questions why,” he added. “Because He knows why, and He knows where we’re gonna go, and He knows what His plan is for us.”

Through all of the ups and the downs, Nola knows the One who holds all of the control, and he is putting all of his trust in Him.

Nola isn’t the only pitcher in the Phillies organization whose trust is in the Lord.

Movieguide® recently reported on Michael Lorenzen’s huge accomplishment:

The Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Michael Lorenzen praised God after he made career history in his team’s recent game against the Washington Nationals.

Lorenzen pitched a no-hitter during his second-ever start with the Phillies organization.

“I didn’t strike out the world in this game. When you’re pitching, balls can land in different places. I just had God’s grace today. I definitely have to thank Him for today and give Him all the glory, just to be able to keep me calm and trusting in Him,” Lorenzen told NBC Sports Philadelphia following the game.

“Whatever happened, I was just going to trust in Him, and that’s kind of what I’ve been doing all season — trying to just lean on Him,” the pitcher concluded.

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