Jeremy and Adrienne Camp Share the Heart of Their Marriage in ‘In Unison’

Photo by Eric Charbonneau via epk.tv

Jeremy and Adrienne Camp Share the Heart of Their Marriage in ‘In Unison’

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Note: This article contains spoilers for the movie I STILL BELIEVE.

Audiences watched Jeremy Camp (played by KJ Apa) fall head over heels for his first wife in the movie I STILL BELIEVE. At the end of the movie, Camp is playing at an outdoor festival, sharing about God’s providence and goodness, even though his wife, Melissa, just died of cancer.

After his set, he’s approached by a young South African woman named Adrienne who shares how the couple’s faith helped her refocus on Christ. Where the movie ended is the beginning of a beautiful, God-inspired love story between Jeremy and Adrienne.

They’ve put their hearts on the pages of “In Unison,” a new marriage book that chronicles the struggles and victories the couple faced together.

“I think everything with the movie made us think about, in a sense, the future and what God was doing with me and Adrienne through this,” Jeremy told Movieguide®. “Sharing our story and what God taught us through marriage and in our life was a massive next step.”

The couple said God laid it on their heart to reach out to people who may feel isolated, even in their own marriages.

“It’s not like we thought, ‘Oh, my goodness, we have a perfect marriage, so let’s tell people how to have a perfect marriage,'” Jeremy said.

After talking with couples, “You realize that a lot of people go through the same stuff, and you’re not alone, and so this is just ways to deal with those conflicts and things that that do arise in marriage for everybody. Here’s practical advice and things that God has taught us. Of course, it’s all biblically based with scriptures and prayers. We just want to be encouragement to people that need some more tools to help their marriage.”

The Camps say they have dealt with their share of fights over their years, but realized one critical key to sustaining their marriage through the years.

“I think first and foremost, and without sounding redundant, Jesus really has to be number one in your heart,” Adrienne said. “And if we’re looking to the other person to make us feel special, or if we’re looking to that person to get our identity from them or our worth from them, and we’re looking to somebody who’s flawed, and somebody who’s imperfect, and so they’re not going to be able to offer us a good result, and then we’re going to get frustrated. And then that ends up being just sort of like a crazy cycle, you know, but if we’re looking to God for who we are, if we’re looking to Him for an identity, it’s from a way healthier place that we’re able to interact with each other in terms of relationship.”

Adrienne said she really began to learn this as she focused on growing her relationship with the Lord. To handle conflicts, she said she began to learn how to finish a fight rather than start it.

“I think when we’re really looking at at each other as being a team and having a friendship intact, and it just sort of shifts things and our perspective and go, ‘What if I need to humble myself right now, to make peace between us and that’s what I need to do?'” Adrienne said.

“Even though maybe he was the one that started it, I have the power in my hand as to whether or not I’m going to keep going down this dysfunctional road. I can be the one to just ask God to give me the strength to be forgiving, or to be humble,” she continued.

When this happens, Adrienne holds to one practical biblical guideline: Prayer.

“We really just have to be honest with where we are in our relationships with one another. And I mean, there’s been times that I’ve gotten on my knees and just go, ‘Lord, I just don’t feel like I have a heart full of love towards Jeremy right now. You know, I don’t like him very much. He’s driving me crazy,’ or whatever it is, and just being so honest, and then asking God. I think that God wants to love him, and I want to have a soft heart towards him. [Then I pray], ‘So please, do that supernatural work in us,’ and, and that’s really helped so much.”

Talk about conviction!

It is absolutely amazing to see how God is using Camps through entertainment to encourage people who need help right now.