Rapper Reveals America’s Need for the Gospel


Rapper Lecrae Performs on The Tonight Show:

Reveals America’s Need for the Gospel and Repentance

By Paul Warner, Contributing Writer

Recent three-time Grammy nominated rapper Lecrae returned to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Friday with a performance of “Welcome to America” from his album “Anomaly,” which released in September.

Lecrae, a committed Christian, has risen in the church community as an artist who not only preaches the gospel through his music, but seeks to live it out in his walk. Ten years and seven albums later since his debut, Lecrae has earned recognition by breaking into the US Billboard 200 as #1 with his latest album, “Anomaly,” and since then, selling 240,000 copies of the album.

On January 9th, Lecrae appeared on the Tonight Show to give a full performance of his song “Welcome to America,” a provocative song that challenges many of the self-destructive and anti-social activities that are either ignored or even celebrated in America, all seen from different cultural perspectives.

Within the first verse, Lecrae acknowledges the problems of sex slavery, pornography and the drug culture in our nation. He also references the lack of active Christian faith in the United States with the lyrics,  “Y’all blessed people got it made/ Heard y’all don’t play no more/ Y’all ain’t saved no more/ Y’all looking for another way/ Well I hope it ain’t true.”

Also included in Lecrae’s performance were several lines from the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., including lines from King’s celebrated “Mountain Top” sermon, with an American flag draping the background.

Lecrae ended his performance saying, “I want to do God’s will.” He also told the audience to see SELMA, the movie about King’s civil rights work in the 1950s and 1960s.

On Lecrae’s Facebook page, many fans gave praise for his performance on “The Tonight Show.” Some fans posted that they wished Lecrae had mentioned Jesus in his performance, but numerous others defended Lecrae’s performance as a stepping-stone in reaching a secular audience and a sermon on the evils facing the nation. Others wished Lecrae included a verse from “Welcome to America” that discussed veterans, but otherwise gave him praise for a great performance.

Lecrae will perform at this year’s 23rd Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Faith & Values Awards and Report to the Entertainment Industry, which will be televised Sat., Feb. 21 on the REELZChannel.

Lecrae is up for several 2015 Grammy nominations, including Best Rap Performance for “All I Need Is You,” Best Gospel Performance/Song for “Help,” which is a feature with Erica Campbell, and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for “Messengers,” which is featured with the group King & Country. Lecrae won a Grammy in 2013 for Best Gospel Album, “Gravity.”

Lecrae’s record label is Reach Records.

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