Sadie Robertson Huff Celebrates New EP with LO Worship: ‘I Hope This Can Be Your Anthem’

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff Celebrates New EP with LO Worship: ‘I Hope This Can Be Your Anthem’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sadie Robertson Huff celebrated the release of her new EP Steady Light, which she made in partnership with LO Worship. 

Huff posted a clip of the song on Instagram, writing, “It is EP release week!!! I got this video a few weeks ago sitting in @crowder studio getting to play this music for the first time with my people. I can’t even believe this is actually happening!”

Her caption continued:

My friends and I wrote this song years ago right after I had Covid in 2020 along with the rest of the world.

It was such a dark time in life globally and also for me personally. It was the first time in my life I was struggling to even worship. I didn’t know what to say to God or how to say it. It all just looked so dark and felt so dark.

When my friend came up with this chorus it was exactly what my heart wanted to have the faith to say, but couldn’t form the words to say it. It was what I truly believed although I couldn’t see in that moment. 

Despite how bad I feel, despite how dark it gets, despite what we are facing right now these words are true of who God is…

“You’re still Holy. You’re still good. You still hold me – like no one could. You’re still with me, and through it all, my heart will always sing, my hope will always be, Jesus over all.”

As we sang these words my faith began to rise and my hands naturally flew in the air to worship. 

I hope this song can do the same thing for you! In the times when you don’t have the words to say and just need hope to lean on I hope this can be your anthem, and a reminder that even in the darkness HE IS YOUR STEADY LIGHT.

Steady Light EP is out THIS FRIDAY! Pre-save today!!!

Movieguide® previously reported on the creation of LO Worship:

Former DUCK DYNASTY star Sadie Robertson Huff recently launched the LO WORSHIP record label and publishing group and a new band by the same name.

LO WORSHIP features singers Brantley Pollock, Kaylea Mayo and Cazaiah Franklin.

Robertson Huff said her desire to launch LO WORSHIP came from her relationship with Jesus and how worship music helps sustain her in difficult times.

“I started LO Worship because I wanted to write songs that support the messages that Live Original is already sharing: that one encounter with Jesus can change everything,” Robertson Huff said. “People don’t always remember a 40-minute sermon—but they do remember a song! I wanted to help people find the words to sing over themselves in hard times. Worship has always done that for me. LO Worship is a group of friends, songwriters and musicians that I have gathered together to use their gifting to write songs which magnify Jesus and lead people to that encounter with Him.”

LO WORSHIP’s first single is titled “Compass,” written by Pollock, Mayo, and Robertson Huff, and released alongside a lyric video.

The chorus goes: “I will keep my eyes fixed on You / Because I know what You say is always true / You word is my vision when I cannot see / Your is the compass that is guiding me.”

Robertson Huff is deeply involved in ministry and says that the new LO WORSHIP band will join her during her Spring 2021 ministry events.

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