Steven Williams Joins FBI: MOST WANTED Season 5 Cast

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Steven Williams Joins FBI: MOST WANTED Season 5 Cast

By Movieguide® Contributor

21 JUMP STREET actor Steven Williams is joining the FBI: MOST WANTED Season 5 cast.

Williams will play Ray Cannon Sr., the father of the character Ray Cannon, played by Edwin Hodge.

“Casting pulls no punches when it comes to bringing amazing artists on the show. When I found out Steven Williams was jumping on to play my father, I was instantly excited,” Hodge said of the addition to the cast. “I’d watched his work for years and knew that he would bring an element that would be engaging to our audience.”

“He’s intense, but hilarious at the same time,” he added. “It’s a great combination for the foundation of his and Ray’s relationship on the show. Meeting his father opens up Ray’s world a little more for the audience by giving meaning and understanding to why he chose the same path in life to serve in law enforcement. It’ll be fun to see how their relationship develops and also the impact it may have on Ray in the future.”

Williams will begin his time on the show in an episode titled “Footsteps.” That will premiere on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Per MSN, “The episode will see Ray decide that he wants to take the next step in his relationship with Caroline. Is that to meet the parents? Is it to move in with her? That part isn’t that clear. We don’t know all too much about their relationship progression at this point as there hasn’t been that much focus on Ray after he joined the team in Season 4.”

David Hudgins, showrunner for FBI: MOST WANTED, confirmed that Williams will return for more episodes.

Season 5 will see the return of other favorite characters. Screen Rant reported, “It will pick up from where it left off. Remy (Dylan McDermott) finds out that the person who was put behind bars for his brother’s murder was innocent. The real murderer turns out to be someone much closer to home, and once the real criminal is caught, a secret begins to unravel. It’s revealed that Remy is an uncle to a college student who isn’t exactly open to beginning a familial relationship.”

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