What PROP CULTURE Host Dan Lanigan Wants Families to Take Away From His Show

Dan Lanigan (far right) reunites some of the actors from THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA with their costumes. Photo provided by Disney+.

What PROP CULTURE Host Dan Lanigan Wants Families to Take Away From His Show

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Gentle giant and avid prop collector Dan Lanigan wants his new Disney+ docuseries, PROP CULTURE, to be a chance for children and parents to bond over their shared love of movies.

“I watched MARY POPPINS, along with a number of other films, with my father when I was a kid, both in our basement and at the movie theater,” Lanigan told Movieguide®. “There’s something about that quality time that you spend with your parents, with family activities that just strengthen the bonds.”

Lanigan even brings his own daughter into PROP CULTURE, telling viewers how much it means to him as a father to share these Disney movies–and his passion for collecting props–with his daughter.

“Family is very important to me and I wanted to make sure that that came out in the show because that’s where I get my love of film, from my father’s encouragement of me and my mom’s encouragement of me with all the crazy stuff I did as a kid.”

Lanigan’s passion for the Disney legacy is evident in PROP CULTURE, which he hosts and executive produced.

According to the Movieguide® review, 

PROP CULTURE, a new documentary series streaming on Disney+, follows host Dan Lanigan as he hunts down props from some of Disney’s more recent iconic movies. The show is both whimsical and nostalgic, reminding younger viewers of childhood memories associated with movies like THE MUPPET MOVIE, MARY POPPINS, TRON, and THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. Each episode focuses on a popular Disney movie. Dan reunites the props with the actors, musicians and choreographers who brought the props to life.

PROP CULTURE features a strong moral worldview overall. As the Disney actors and filmmakers discuss the props, viewers are transported to scenes from the original movies, which sometimes include churches, steeples or crosses. One episode even contains a positive reference to Heaven. The bulk of the episodes are very lighthearted. However, some scenes from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie are a little intense and may scare small children. Light occult elements are seen in footage from one movie. Overall, MOVIEGUIDE® recommends discernment for younger children for brief scary scenes and a few light profanities.

Lanigan’s humble and gentle disposition appeals to viewers and allows them to see how something as simple as a coat, shield or painting brings such joy to the people involved in that movie’s production.

“I hope that families can learn interesting things about the movies they love and maybe these kids can be inspired to get into the trades,” Lanigan said. “Even if they don’t, you know, get into the movie industry, there are so many different things you can learn from studying film because film requires so many different trades and so many different skill sets to accomplish it.”

PROP CULTURE premieres May 1 on Disney+.

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