Why Child Actor Albert Tsai Loves the Message in ABOMINABLE

Photo Courtesy of Albert Tsai on Instagram

Why Child Actor Albert Tsai Loves the Message in ABOMINABLE

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

**NOTE: ABOMINABLE contains magical elements and Buddhist thinking. Movieguide® recommends caution for families for these Eastern elements.**

DreamWork’s latest animated project, ABOMINABLE, comes to theaters this Friday. At a recent premiere in Hollywood, Movieguide® had the pleasure of speaking with child actor Albert Tsai who loves the family messages in the movie.

Movieguide® TV host Evy Baehr Carroll asked Tsai what he wants children to take away from the movie.

He said, “The movie is really about family and the family you create with just not necessarily a real family but just the family you create with friends and the bonds between them.”

Tsai said his mother was instrumental in support for his career. “[My family has] been super supportive, especially my parents. My mom has been super supportive my career, so it’s really helped me out.”

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Tsai’s comments echoed what his co-star Tenzig Norgay Trainor said about family, too.

“Family means a lot to me. I always put family before everything,” said the teenage actor. He added, “That’s the way that I was taught, and the way I was raised by my parents.”

Tsai who stars in the TV series COOP AND CAMI ASK THE WORLD is jazzed for his first voice acting movie.

He said, “It’s very exciting I play paying in the movies one of the three leads he’s just this energetic kid who’s a lot of fun!”

Stay tuned for our full review closer to September 27, 2019!

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