‘Why I Stand’ Author Jonathan Isaac: ‘I Wasn’t Standing On My Word, I Was Standing On The Word of God’

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‘Why I Stand’ Author Jonathan Isaac: ‘I Wasn’t Standing On My Word, I Was Standing On The Word of God’

By Movieguide® Staff

NBA basketball player Jonathan Isaacs of the Orlando Magic recently released his debut book, ‘Why I Stand,’ offering fans and opposition an inside look into his decision to stand for the national anthem in the 2020 season.

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In a recent interview with actor Kirk Cameron, Isaac explained further why he holds to his identity to Christ above all else; even when he is ridiculed.

“What I was hoping to communicate was simply my version of what could really change things,” he told Cameron on TAKEAWAYS. “Everyone knows my teammates were kneeling for what they believed in but I was standing for what I believed in, that ultimately, what’s really going to change things is the love of Jesus Christ…”

He continued: “Both sides are up in arms about what’s been done or what’s being done but if we could choose to love each other the way that God loves us which is in spite of our sin, in spite of our shortcomings the Bible says ‘Herein is love not that we first loved God but that God first loved us and Christ died for us while we were yet sinners.’ That’s the message that I wanted to come across.”

Isaac said that his decision to stand was not in rebellion to his team or based on his own strength, but its foundation came from God’s word.

“What made me willing was that I knew that I wasn’t standing for just myself. I wasn’t standing on my word, I knew that I was standing on the word of God,” he said. “What made me willing was that and having the right people around me that I knew I wasn’t standing alone. It wasn’t just me up there. It was my church family, it was my wife, it was my family, and all of those people who felt the way that I felt but didn’t have the courage to stand in that moment.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Isaac:

Nearly two years ago, on July 31, 2020, Jonathan Isaac became the first NBA player to stand for the national anthem while teammates and peers around the league knelt.

Isaac recently published his first book called Why I Stand, which explains why he chose to abstain from wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt and kneel with the rest of the league.

In the book, Isaac explains that he could not find the answer to life’s many hardships when he looked to the world.

“I believe that Jesus Christ is the answer because he’s been the answer for me and I’m able to put it into a book and share my story and my testimony,” Isaac told The Christian Post. “To me, that gives ‘the stand’ its backbone.”

Although the New York native grew up in a Christian household, Isaac confessed that his life before and even during basketball did not reflect a true relationship with Jesus.

“I grew up in a Christian household. But I think I share the testimony of most people when you grow up in a Christian household, there’s this almost an eagerness to get out and to experience the world and all that it has to offer,” he explained.

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