Will We See Kirk Cameron’s GROWING PAINS Rebooted?

Photo courtesy of Growing Pains via Facebook

Will We See Kirk Cameron’s GROWING PAINS Rebooted?

By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor

Actor Kirk Cameron confirmed the possibility of a GROWING PAINS reboot.

“We’ve heard rumors and we’ve talked about it and batted it around a bit,” Cameron told Fox News. “Nothing yet. I know my sister just finished up FULLER HOUSE, and GROWING PAINS would be interesting, although we wouldn’t have our dad, Alan Thicke, he passed away a couple of years ago.”

Cameron shared that he actually appeared in sister Candace Cameron Bure’s rebooted FULLER HOUSE.

“I was thrilled that [Bure] asked me to come on the show and help out, and it was so fun because it was like stepping right back into a pair of very comfortable tennis shoes after a long time from being on a sitcom set,” Cameron said. “So it was the most comfortable thing in the world, and it was lots of fun and I was so proud of my sister because she directed that episode.”

Cameron recently reunited with his on-screen siblings, Tracy Gold and Jeremy Miller for an episode of his show, ONE ON ONE.

Miller previously acknowledged the potential reboot at a Hollywood event.

“We’re still in talks right now. We’re actually doing story creation and brainstorming right now. Kirk, Tracey and I are in constant contact about it and are trying to put together a workable storyline that will be respectful to Alan and the cast and the history and everything,” Miller said over the summer. “So it’s challenging, it is. But between the three of us, I think we may be able to knock something out.”

Miller continued, “Once we put together a good starting point, then we’ll start talking to the production companies. [Honoring Thicke] would be the motivation for doing it, it would be to really pay tribute to a man who was a real pop to all of us.”

In October, Miller told Closer Weekly that the reboot may happen next year.

“It’ll be 35 years since we started next year, and I think that would be perfect timing to relaunch it,” Miller said.

Discussion of the reboot has been in the works for years, Miller said.

“Alan had been working on this about five years ago, right before and right as the reboot fad was beginning,” he said. “At that time, I guess people didn’t really know if it was going to last, so there weren’t a lot of interests. He proposed it, brought a whole package to Warner and ABC — they just, there wasn’t the interest to push it forward at that point.”

Perhaps the family sitcom stands a chance in the golden age of reboots and revivals.

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