Sadie Robertson and Fiancé Christian Huff Share 5 Major Wedding Details!!

Photo courtesy of Sadie Robertson via Instagram

Sadie Robertson and Fiancé Christian Huff Share 5 Major Wedding Details!!

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Love birds Sadie Robertson (DUCK DYNASTY) and Christian Huff offered some rare insight into details of their upcoming nuptials with fans in a recent video. Until now, the private couple has kept a tight lid on the plans. But really, we need to know if she’s walking down the aisle to a Duck Call.

We now know Robertson and Huff are set to tie the knot in less than two weeks, but aren’t sharing the exact date. Here’s what we do know about their special day.

  1. Someone with passion will be uniting the two in holy matrimony

Robertson said author, pastor and speaker Louie Giglio and his wife, Shelley, have been like “mentors” in her relationship with Christian. In response to their leadership, the engaged pair asked Louie to officiate the ceremony surrounded by their friends and family.

  1. Ring those wedding … balls?

Huff and Robertson didn’t disclose the location of their wedding but did mention that the ceremony will take place in a “unique spot” – a tennis court. Much of their flirtation, dates, etc. took place on a tennis court. Huff and Robertson will decorate their unassuming spot to mirror a garden, covering the perimeter in plants and lights.


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this chapter of life is called marriage license and a mustache and I couldn’t be happier about it💥😍💃❤️

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  1. All in the family

Robertson has several brothers and sisters, as does Huff. The bride and groom will incorporate both families in a special prayer time, as well as through roles in the wedding party.

  1. Hope they get it write!

The two smiled and got giddy talking about how “fun” it’s been to write their own vows. As of now, Robertson knows that the ring she will receive after the vows has the word “original” inscribed in it to match her tattoo and heart to “live original” according to God’s word. Huff has yet to see his ring.

  1. “Everything at the wedding revolves around the name of Jesus”

Robertson knows that their special day will draw in a big crowd, but this was an “intentional” decision. With lots of attendees, Huff and Robertson want God’s name to be glorified for both the believers and nonbelievers in the audience. With this, they feel confident that there’s an extra layer of accountability that will encourage them to gaze upwards to Jesus.

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