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What You Need To Know:

In THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT, veteran British actor Terence Stamp turns in an amazing performance as an aging transsexual who leads a trio of florid drag queens across the Australian outback. While deliberately free of overt homosexual contact, this wildly eccentric tale is full of raunchy dialogue and verbal innuendo and seeks to generate cheerful approval for the lifestyles of its gender-bending characters.


(Ho, PC, LLL, NN, VV, A, D) Transvestism with implicit & explicit endorsement of moral relativity; politically correct approval of child-rearing by homosexuals & positive portrayal of florid "drag queen" lifestyle, including several episodes involving men dancing & lip-synching in female garb; 60 obscenities, 9 profanities & raunchy, scatological dialogue throughout; female character depicted firing ping-pong balls from her derriere; 2 brief fights & one strong threat of violence; alcohol use throughout; and, occasional drug use.

More Detail:

Three entertainers — one a transsexual (veteran actor, Terence Stamp in an amazing performance) and the other two florid drag queens — travel across the Australian outback in a run-down bus named “Priscilla” in THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT. This movie chronicles their tribulations as they wind their way across the desert in response to a call for help from an ex-wife who operates a casino/lounge in a distant resort town. Particularly memorable are their run-ins with various slack-jawed locals, including several aborigines, some small-town gawkers and some unsavory roughnecks at a mining camp.

Throughout PRISCILLA the dialogue is extraordinarily raunchy, although no sexual contact is ever shown or even implied. The obvious message: a group of flamboyant, cross-dressing female impersonators is just like the rest of us, except for the hatred they generate among the few homophobes. Obviously, the appropriate response to a trio a drag performers is not seething hatred and violence, but neither is it uncritical approval. PRISCILLA has made a determined effort to generate cheerful and widespread acceptance of a lifestyle that is far removed from the ground rules laid down by the Designer of sexuality.