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In BATMAN FOREVER, Two-Face Harvey Dent (Tommy Lee Jones) and Riddler Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey,) join forces to exact vengeance on Batman (Val Kilmer.) Thrown into the mix are Dr. Chase Meridian, who has a crush on Batman, and Dick Grayson, who turns into Batman's sidekick Robin after Two-Face kills his parents. This action-packed fantasy falls short on plot and contains slapstick violence and sexual innuendo, but basically provides a biblical worldview denouncing revenge, double-mindedness and pride.


(B, LL, VV, S, O, M) Moral worldview promoting forgiveness, healing, & condemning humanism & indecision; 11 obscenities & 3 vulgarities; cartoon-type action violence including several explosions, face disfiguring, personal assaults & fights, 5 people falling to their deaths, two people hit over the head with objects, & gunfire -- but no blood; Some mild sexual innuendo & some characters dressed in provocative clothing; demonic type gang members & an occultic talisman; and, revenge themes

More Detail:

Lighter and more moral than its predecessor, BATMAN FOREVER, starring Val Kilmer as Batman, explodes with an action-packed attack on a Gotham City bank by Two-Face Harvey Dent (Tommy Lee Jones). In the midst of the attack, Batman meets Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman), a psychiatrist who is infatuated with Batman. Next, we find Bruce Wayne touring his research department, where he meets Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey) who shows him his “box” to send television into men’s minds. When Bruce rejects this invention as immoral, Nygma redesigns his machine to suck knowledge from the brains of Gotham’s citizens into his brain and becomes the Riddler, who teams up with Two-Face to destroy Batman. Acrobat Dick Grayson turns into Batman’s sidekick Robin after Two-Face kills his family at the circus. Batman and Robin must save Chase and bring the two villainous criminals to justice.

This film falls short on plot, but delivers on action, brilliant design and a moody central character. It includes bloodless action violence, sexual innuendo and an occult talisman. However, the film provides a moral worldview: Batman instructs Robin that revenge is not an answer to grief; Two-Face demonstrates that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways; and, Riddler demonstrates that pride comes before a fall. BATMAN FOREVER will entertain those who love comic books.

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