Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In CASPER, Dr. James Harvey (Bill Pullman), Therapist to the Dead, and his daughter Kat (Christina Ricci) are hired by the villainous heiress Carrigan (Cathy Moriarty) to drive out friendly Casper and his three mean ghosts uncles from Whipstaff manor so Carrigan can find a hidden treasure. Not only does CASPER ask you to believe in ghost after viewing it, but also its implausibilities, confusing conclusion, false teachings, and unnecessary offensive language, will leave you spooked and haunted no matter what positive themes or advice may arise within its supernatural premise.


(OO, LL, VV, A, NA, OO, Ab) Spiritist worldview presenting an anti-biblical perspective toward the afterlife; 8 obscenities, 4 vulgarities, and 3 profanities; slapstick violence -- man comes out of haunted house with head on backwards, car demolished on screen, man falls down stairs, man hits head, couple falls, ghosts get beaten, squeezed, pushed shoved, drawn, and quartered, & woman falls to implied death; alcohol use; psycho-analysis of ghosts; use of pentagram, frivolous treatment of the supernatural, ghost tomfoolery, ghosts presented as real, & people purportedly die to become a ghost or an angel; and, the power of God is belittled when a priest is shown as being unable to exorcise ghosts.

More Detail:

In CASPER, an old mansion called Whipstaff is inherited by a money-loving villain named Carrigan. She soon discovers that her new abode is inhabited by three mean ghouls and a friendly one named CASPER. After unsuccessful attempts to rid the house of its unwanted guests, she hires Dr. James Harvey, Therapist to the Dead, and his adolescent daughter, Kat, to perform a psychological exorcism. Dr. Harvey does this dirty work because he wishes to reconnect with his deceased wife. Kat, as well, seeks a companion to fill the gap caused by the scorn from those who scoff her father’s occupation. Father and daughter move into Whipstaff and soon discover the specters. In the end, Kat gets a friend and a date for the dance; Dad gets another chance to talk with his wife; the three ghost uncles become nicer; and, Casper gets a new yet brief lease on life. Carrigan, in turn, receives a permanent break from the living.

CASPER is a mess. It contains numerous incongruities and implausibilities within its already unbelievable premise. These problems are carried over into its treatment of the afterlife which not only teaches a spiritist perspective, but actually degrades the value of human life. Furthermore, CASPER contains obscenities and profanities that clearly are unnecessary and jarring to the viewer who wants only to view some innocuous entertainment.

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