Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

GET ON THE BUS is a drama directed by Spike Lee focusing on 20 diverse black men who board a bus in Los Angeles and are bound for Washington D.C. to attend the 1995 Million Man March. Including many obscenities and a fight scene, this movie has many positive elements including Bible readings and prayers. It doesn't focus on Islam or Farrakhan but on a group of men who want to take part of something historic.


(B, CC, FR, Ho, LLL, V, N, A, D. M) Moral worldview emphasizing taking responsibility for one's actions & befriending others with moderate Christian elements including several positive Bible readings & prayers, mild Islamic elements, & mild homosexual elements; 47 obscenities, 3 profanities and numerous uses of the word "nigger"; mild violence including one fist fight scene; upper male nudity; alcohol use; smoking; and, slanderous & racist remarks

More Detail:

In GET ON THE BUS, Spike Lee has crafted a likable, intimate story about 20 men who travel from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. to attend the Louis Farakhan sponsored 1995 Million Man March. Representing a cornucopia of ideas and worldviews, it offers valid discussion of the role of black man in society today. The movie begins in the parking lot of First AME Church. The riders include a homosexual couple, an Islamic man, a young filmmaker, an estranged father and son, and a Christian. As the men travel, each gets a chance before the camera to tell why they are attending the march. A common response is be a part of a historical event and gain a little wisdom. When one of the passengers unexpectedly becomes ill, the other riders have to decide whether to stick by their sick friend, or attend the march.

Spike Lee is renowned for his political positions as for his filmmaking talent. Remarkably, in this movie, there are few stereotypes, and each man represents a unique personality and history. Despite many obscenities and a fight scene, this movie has many positive elements. Throughout the trip, telling the truth, loving your neighbor, restraining anger, and being a good leader are emphasized. It does give hope and inspiring messages, but ultimately, reconciliation is found in Jesus Christ alone.