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Release Date: February 09, 1990

Starring: Gene Hackman, Dan Aykroyd, Dom
DeLuise, & Ronny Lox

Genre: Police-Action/Comedy

Audience: Adults and older teenagers

Rating: R

Runtime: Approximately 95 minutes

Distributor: Tri-Star

Director: Bob Clark

Executive Producer:

Producer: Aaron Spelling & Alan Greisman

Writer: Richard Christian Matheson,
Richard Matheson & Bob Clark

Address Comments To:

David Matalon
Tri-Star Pictures
1875 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(213) 201 2300.


Profanity, obscenity, violence, and murders



Mac Stern, a do-it-himself, "bust it all up," free-spirited cop, is assigned a partner by the chief of police. Ellis, the partner, has spent several years under psychiatric care as the result of an accidental shooting. Being the police chief's nephew helped him get the assignment with Stern.

Since Ellis is unable to carry or fire a weapon, he becomes more of a liability to Stern than a partner. He does, however, possess a keen knowledge for discerning clues, but inevitably Stern ends up "babysitting" throughout their investigations. In every high-stress situation, Ellis takes on various multiple personalities, from Elmer Fudd to John Wayne, that result in his seemingly cunning apprehension of the criminal. From one screwball experience to the next, Stern and Ellis eventually bring porn king Joe Gutterman to justice, while eliminating a former Nazi SS officer who was after him.

The film comes to the screen very much like its title: everything seems "loose." From the extremely profane and obscene language, to the ridiculously-predictable story line that features cops more suited for a mental institution than the police force, the movie is one you'll want to avoid. While the well-cast film is occasionally funny, you'll laugh more at it than because of it.

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