Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

Set at the end of WWII, MIDNIGHT CLEAR tells about six American soldiers who are pinned down by a German patrol who want to surrender to the Americans so they can "ride out" the war. The film intones that war is horrible and hints at the reconciliation which comes through Jesus Christ whose birth is celebrated on Christmas. MIDNIGHT CLEAR fails for want of an intimate knowledge of the Truth which sets men free and is marred by over 25 obscenities and profanities.


(H, C, LLL, VV, A/D) Humanistic pacifism; some reverence for Christmas and Jesus Christ; over 25 obscenities & profanities; battlefield scenes with blood & gore; and, guzzling alcohol.

More Detail:

MIDNIGHT CLEAR begins as six American soldiers at the end of WWII hold down a house in the path of a German assault. They must advise the allies of German movements. A German patrol, who could kill or capture the Americans, doesn’t. Instead, the Germans start a snowball fight and send a message to the Americans, calling for a meeting. Since it is close to the end of the war, the Germans offer to surrender. A plan is devised to make it look like the Germans put up a fight. All Americans are aware of the plan except one. The night before the mock battle, a Christmas tree is decorated and a “peace which passes all understanding” takes place, with the exception of the uninformed American. The next day, the Germans and Americans begin firing into the air. Suddenly, the uninformed American opens fire on the Germans. Everyone begins to fire at each other leaving two Americans and all the Germans dead.

MIDNIGHT CLEAR shows that war is horrible. Even so, the Bible makes it clear that there are just wars and that it is not death that we should fear, nor war, but eternal alienation from the Creator of life. Furthermore, over 25 obscenities & profanities deface the film.

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