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What You Need To Know:

CARPOOL mixes five zany children, a lovable robber and an uptight Dad in a mini-van on the run from the police and other robbers. Containing little foul language and some slap stick violence, it also has is a juvenile sense of humor. A madcap action comedy, it is moral but lightweight entertainment.


(B, LL, VV, N, Ab, M) Moral worldview demonstrating sacrifice & responsibility to family & finances; burping, flatulence, some juvenile talk, 8 obscenities (mostly mild) & 4 exclamatory profanities; moderate action violence including chases, car crashes, men thrown down stairs, brief fist fight, threats with guns, & breaking glass; some mild sexual tension between teenage boy & girl, boy tries to look down girls shirt, brief depiction of homosexual character, & urination implied; naturalistic brief male rear nudity; robbers make the sign of the cross; and, kidnapping & theft both rebuked

More Detail:

CARPOOL mixes five zany children, a lovable robber and an uptight Dad in a mini-van on the run. David Paymer stars as Daniel Miller, a workaholic. Daniel drives his boys and other children to school in a carpool. On the way, he stops for some pastries. Inside the store are two robbers and carnival operator named Franklin (Tom Arnold). Frank decides to thwart the crime and take the stolen money himself to pay for his failing carnival. He also decides to take Daniel and the five children as hostages. Daniel and the children must find a way to escape, but they begin to appreciate Frank’s predicament. They all pool together to help each other overcome.

CARPOOL is a zany slapstick filled comedy with cookie-cutter characters. This movie has a very moral premise which shows that criminals should be punished. It also shows that family is more important than work, that children need their father and in giving, you receive. This movie has a few obscenities and profanities, but most of them are very mild. The children include some bathroom humor in their talk. There are also several scenes of slapstick humor. CARPOOL is for those who want to hear a moral message in a humorous context without expecting a lot of depth.