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What You Need To Know:

HEAVEN'S PRISONERS is a Southern fried movie set in and around New Orleans. Moody and dark, it shows us a vengeful man, played by Alec Baldwin, who is on a violent rampage as he kills those who killed someone he loved. With strong performances, it is actually a disjointed and uninvolving movie that fails to live up to his spicy intentions.


(Pa, CC, LLL, VVV, S, NN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview of revenge with some Christian elements; 73 obscenities & 13 profanities; graphic violence including many shootings with blood, images of corpses, drowning implied, plane crash, electrocution implied, fist fights, kickings, slapping, man hit with pool cue, & man hit with bottle; some sexually suggestive comments, married couple talk of sex & married woman tries to seduce single man; full female nudity & upper male nudity; alcohol use & abuse; smoking; and, drug dealing implied

More Detail:

Hollywood sometimes tries to serve up a savory dish involving the New Orleans area. HEAVEN’S PRISONERS serves as the latest example of a Cajun fried movie that sinks in the swamps. The movie stars Alec Baldwin as a former cop and recovering alcoholic, Dave Robicheaux. Dave and his wife Annie now run a bait shop. One day, they see a small plane crash in the water. Dave rescues a small girl and adopts her, but the police hint strongly that the crash was no accident. Dave begins to unravel the mystery of the wreck. His search leads him to a whole slew of thugs, low-lifes and hitmen. When a heartbreaking hit kills a member of his family, he spends the final hour of the movie killing each person responsible until he comes face-to-face with man behind the whole stinky mess.

Brooding, HEAVEN’S PRISONERS suffers from too many ingredients. Not only are there an excess of bad characters, but the movie has too many slow and unnecessary moments. The theme essentially says to “kill your enemies and let your life fall apart.” Also, Terry Hatcher, television’s Lois Lane, tries to break free from her good-girl image in a completely nude scene. HEAVEN’S PRISONERS is a violent B-grade movie, with B-grade actors. If New Orleans is known for its Grade-A food, it is not known for its Grade-A movies.