What You Need To Know:

KINGPIN is a foul, obnoxious comedy written by the men who penned DUMB AND DUMBER. Starring Woody Harrelson as a two-bit bowling con artist, it documents a road trip of bowling flunkies as they make their way to the national championships in Las Vegas. Containing slapstick violence and many vulgar acts and vulgar words, it may end up offending more people than it entertains.


(Pa, C, LLL, VV, SS, N, A, D, M) Pagan worldview with some very minor Christian elements; 38 obscenities & 7 profanities; slapstick violence including falling, fist fighting, man's hand ground off implied, & threats of murder; implied sex with landlady, talk of sex throughout & man cross-dresses; no nudity but woman wears skimpy dresses; alcohol use; smoking; and, extensive gross & disgusting acts & behaviors

More Detail:

The writers from DUMB AND DUMBER team up again to lampoon the crazy world of bowling in KINGPIN, a foul, stupid, offensive, and occasionally a funny look at bowling champs. The movie starts out in the 1960’s where Roy Mulligan gets a bowling lesson from his Dad, who tells him he has a very special gift. In the 1970’s, Roy wins the Iowa bowling championship, but soon gets involved in underhanded betting, which costs him his bowling hand. Then, Roy recruits an Amish man named Ishmael to join him in a new round of betting. They take on Claudia, who is the former girlfriend of a sleazy character Roy and Ishmael tried to hustle. Together, the three successfully hustle money as they make their way across America towards Las Vegas for the national championships.

Morally horrible, KINGPIN has a few positive elements. Roy’s father says that his bowling ability is a gift from God. Also, Roy and Ishmael ask their victims to forgive them. The biggest problem with KINGPIN is that it is offensive. At every turn, the characters are either making fun of something or are displaying some very repulsive acts. The Amish community in particular is ridiculed. Roy emerges as one of the sleaziest comic characters of recent history. Containing lewd and gross acts throughout, this movie altogether strikes-out as entertainment.