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What You Need To Know:

In MADE IN AMERICA, Hal Jackson (Ted Danson) turns out to be the father of Sora, conceived seventeen years earlier, when Sarah Matthews (Whoopi Goldberg) obtained Hal's sperm from a sperm bank. MADE IN AMERICA has some hilarious scenes, marred by the "almost" fornication scene between Sarah and Hal. What a tragedy that parents often neglect their parental duties and even encourage their children to live immoral lives.


(PC, H, LL, S, Ab, V) Politically correct humanism; roughly 25 obscenities & 10 profanities; intense scene of prelude to sex act (but fully clothed and not consummated); slight anti-Christian humor; and, mild, slapstick violence.

More Detail:

In MADE IN AMERICA, Sarah Matthews (Whoopi Goldberg) and Hal Jackson (Ted Danson) turn out to be the unlikely parents of Sora. Seventeen years earlier, Sarah obtained sperm from a sperm bank to conceive a child. Now, Sora searches for her father. Sora has been reared in Oakland, California, by a bike-riding mother. As Sora’s search narrows, she discovers that a white car dealer named Hal Jackson is the donor who fathered her. Hal Jackson is everywhere–on TV and in newspapers. When Sarah Matthews finds out that the sperm donor is white, she goes through the roof with anger, going down to Jackson’s dealership where she proceeds to tell him off. However, when Jackson calms her down, and they begin to talk, Sarah tells him about what an outstanding student Sora is.

MADE IN AMERICA has some hilarious scenes; however, the downside of this film is the “almost” consummation of sex that takes place between Sarah and Hal. Only her daughter’s return causes them to stop. Parents should be examples for their children instead of the other way around. What a tragedy that parents in our society often neglect their parental duties (as in this film) and actually encourage their children to live immoral lives.