Voodoo, human sacrifice, murder, extreme violence, numerous obscenities, profanities, prostitution, fornication, sexual innuendo, and considerable female nudity.

More Detail:

When burned-out federal drug agent John Hatcher decides to retire from the force, he takes refuge in his old neighborhood of Lincoln Heights, Milwaukee. Just prior to his leaving, Hatcher confesses to a priest, “I’ve become what I most despise — I’ve killed, lied, and slept with informants.” The priest urges Hatcher to find the “gentle self within.”

However, a drug ring known as the “Jamaican Posse” has moved into Hatcher’s home town. The posse seems invincible under their leader, Screwface, a voodoo worshipper. Hatcher resolves not to get involved fighting the drug lords, but when voodoo hex symbols appear on the door of his sister’s house and his little niece, Tracy, is shot, he rushes into action. Hatcher soon discovers, after talking with a knowledgeable reporter, that he and his family are “marked for death” — hence, the voodoo black magic symbols.

The reporter also informs Hatcher that the secret to defeating the posse is to kill Screwface, whom they fear and worship. Thus, the posse will know that Hatcher’s power is greater. Subsequently, Hatcher and two other accomplices travel to Screwface’s Jamaican stronghold. They kill the guards and charge the fortress. Amazingly, they gain access and find Screwface. Hatcher has an intense struggle with Screwface, but ultimately kills him. When he returns to Milwaukee, the posse recognizes Hatcher as the victor, and its power is broken.

While this film contains much action, it also has considerable violence, including people being senselessly murdered, maimed, and even being offered as human sacrifices. Hatcher, himself a martial arts expert, contributes his share of violence, as he punches, kicks, and breaks the right arms of his enemies. A high-speed car chase in which the cars “leap” beyond walls and dodge incredible traffic is particularly spectacular.

In fact, Hatcher emerges as a super-hero in this film. However, please note that it is not good, but might which triumphs over evil in MARKED FOR DEATH, and the cost of victory is horrendous. Although in Romans 13 one does find the biblical principle of using force for the maintenance of good order, the film leans more toward the Machiavellian theory of “the end justifies the means.” For a Christian, this can never be. Instead, he must always be governed by the royal law of love.

Also, the despicable, foul language used by the good guys as well as the bad guys is inexcusable. Thus, the violence, language, female nudity, prostitution, and sexual innuendoes pile up in MARKED FOR DEATH and cause it to be marked as undesirable. Don’t waste your time and energy on this one.