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What You Need To Know:

THE LAST LIEUTENANT is a fine tale of courage set in Norway during World War II. The aged Thor Espedal dusts off his obsolete uniform and enlists in the Norwegian army to set up a base and ward off invading Germans. Though the situation is futile, Thor demonstrates dignity, honor and a quest for freedom through scenes of violent combat.


(CC, B, LLL, VV, SS, N, M) Biblical worldview of courage & heroism with positive portrayals of the Lord's prayer; 25 obscenities & 5 profanities; moderate violence with images of war including shooting, images of corpses, knifing, abduction at gun point, bombing, attempted firing squad murder, attempted suicide, & tank runs over man implied; one brief clothed sex scene; upper male nudity; despair & hopeless situations

More Detail:

THE LAST LIEUTENANT is a work of art from Norway about a commanding soldier who resists the Germans during World War II in spite of overwhelming odds. Compassionate, powerful and deeply moving it demonstrates a real action hero. This man is Thor Espedal, a sixty-ish retired sea captain. In 1940, he hears of an impending invasion by the National Socialist Germans (Nazis) and decides to dust off his uniform to enlist. At the headquarters in Oslo, his superior officers surrender, but Thor won’t accept this at all. He decides to flee to high ground, recruit a battalion, and fight. At first successful, German war plans eventually bomb the base. The group disbands, as Thor reserves one last personal moment of defiance towards the enemy.

This movie presents extreme courage and sacrifice. Thor represents an unlikely hero, but his age and wisdom compels him to stand fast in both his principles and methods. He is committed to his cause even when others have lost hope. Like BRAVEHEART, THE LAST LIEUTENANT has a great deal of violence, though not quite as much. Some brief and mild sex scenes and objectionable language also appear as the Norwegians try to maintain dignity through defeat. Nevertheless, it shows men who don’t sit back and watch their country destroyed, but fight in the face of impossible odds in the name of dignity, honor and freedom.