(C, V) Christian worldview; and, fearsome gladiators, roman soldiers attack a gathering of Christians, Nero calls for death of Christians, & action-adventure violence

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THE STORY KEEPERS is the latest attempt by Focus on the Family films and Zondervan publishing house to communicate biblical stories to children. Episode one of the story keepers, BREAKOUT!, introduces us to a baker named Ben and his family who live in Rome in 64 A.D. Ben sees his real calling as keeping the stories of Jesus alive. Ben tells an assembled group of Christians about Jesus’s feeding of the 5,000. As he tells the story, the animation flashes back to the event itself. Then, Ben goes on to tell about Zacchaeus. In the midst of his storytelling, Roman soldiers break in to the meeting. Everyone escapes except young Cyrus. Cyrus is taken to the colosseum where he and the other Christians are to face Giganticas. Ben goes to the colosseum to rescue the Christians, but complications arise. Quick thinking gets them out of the colosseum.

Breakout is a well written story. In fact, the story of Ben and his family is so well written that it overpowers Ben’s stories about Jesus feeding the 5,000, showing kindness to Zacchaeus and raising Jairus’s daughter from the dead. My younger children 7 and 10, want to watch BREAKOUT! again. My 13 year old felt that the animation was not as good as it could have been. In all, MOVIEGUIDE recommends THE STORY KEEPERS as another wonderful way of communicating biblical truths to young children.

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