"Fighting for What Is True"

Content: +4 Biblical worldview, with no questionable elements whatsoever.

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What You Need To Know:

he inspirational, faith-based UNCOMMON is about a high school transferred student, Aaron Chase, who has lost his brother to a senseless act of violence. The atheist teacher at his new school stops Aaron from leading a Bible study and producing a play based on the Bible. So, Aaron and his new friends fight for their right to express their religious freedom at their public high school.

UNCOMMON is extremely inspirational, with a Christian worldview that seeks to inspire Christian viewers to fight for what’s right. There are moments of healing from past difficult circumstances, forgiveness and good triumphing over evil. However, the movie has some artistic, production problems. The biggest problem comes from the movie’s terrible acting performances thanks to poor direction. This detracts from the possible impact and power the movie’s Christian worldview may have on viewers. If the directing had been better, viewers would think UNCOMMON is a good movie with great Christian values. As it is, UNCOMMON is an inspiring movie that encourages viewers to engage in dialogue about their faith and fight for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


(CCC, BBB, V) Very strong Christian, biblical worldview opposed by an atheist, humanist worldview; no foul language; brief violence at the beginning of the film when a gunman enters a school and shoots at innocent victims, and a brief physical altercation between two characters; no sexual immorality; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking or drug use; and, nothing else objectionable.

More Detail:

UNCOMMON is about a high school transferred student, Aaron Chase, who after losing his brother to a senseless act of violence, fights against an environment hostile to Christianity.

After loosing his brother in a senseless act of violence, Aaron moves to a new town and a new school for a fresh beginning. At Rosewood High School, he discovers an atheist teacher who displays his disdain toward the Christian faith. This teacher quickly stops Aaron’s attempt at initiating and leading a Bible study at school.

Due to budget cuts, the students of Rosewood High School lose their theater, music and dance departments. Despite this, the students decide to proceed with the school’s theater production. After struggling to find the right script, music and choreography, the students finally settle with the Holy Bible as the source for their musical production. Aaron and his fellow classmates face great opposition as they fight to defend their religious freedom.

UNCOMMON is undoubtedly a Christian movie whose Christian message and worldview is evident. The movie presents and delivers the issue of fighting for religious freedom within an increasingly hostile world in order to demonstrate what’s occurring in reality. The movie serves as an encouraging reminder for followers of Christ to boldly fight for the right to express the Christian faith in public settings.

UNCOMMON has a good story. It also effectively presents several moments of healing from past difficult circumstances, forgiveness, and good triumphing over evil. These moments add to the movie’s overall inspiring Christian message. The Christian message creates a sense of peace in the viewer.

Sadly, the artistic, production values in UNCOMMON are poor. The movie’s poor artistic value mainly stems from the poor, predictable acting of all the actors, including Eric Estrada. The poor acting is distracting and may also create a disinterest in the story. It also doesn’t allow the viewer to fully believe the character roles. This affects how effectively the movie delivers the message of fighting for freedom of worship in an increasingly secular world. Sadly, a viewer can’t help but to think that this is just another “cheesy Christian movie.” Of course, when all the acting is poor then the blame has to fall on bad direction.

It’s completely understandable that the movie’s cinematography would not be attractive because UNCOMMON is a low-budget movie. However, if the acting were better, then the movie’s artistic worth would have been higher, and the message would be a lot more powerful and have a bigger, longer lasting impact on viewers.

As it is, UNCOMMON is an inspiring movie with a strong Christian worldview that will encourage followers of Christ to engage in dialogue about their faith, take action and fight for what is true, good and beautiful.