"166 Minutes of Pain"

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

PIECES OF A WOMAN follows the story of a heartbroken woman who tries to cope with the death of her newborn daughter during childbirth. Martha is in labor with her first child and calls the midwife to come to deliver the baby. The midwife she was planning on having is busy with another labor. So, a midwife Martha doesn’t know comes to Martha’s aid. Soon after the baby arrives, it turns blue and dies. Under pressure from her husband and mother, Martha must decide whether to sue the midwife or forgive her. Meanwhile, her husband becomes estranged and has an affair with the female lawyer.

PIECES OF A WOMAN is an overlong, depressing movie. The ending doesn’t answer any of the questions brought forth in the story. PIECES OF A WOMAN has a pro-life message, but it’s marred by a very negative, depressing, hopeless humanist worldview. PIECES OF A WOMAN has lots of strong foul language, substance abuse, excessive nudity, and other explicit lewd content. Most moviegoers will find the movie boring and hard to watch, despite the lead actor’s acclaimed performance.


(HH, B, LLL, V, SS, NNN, AA, DD, MM):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong hopeless, humanist worldview with nothing pointing to the supernatural, and everything is in the hands of the characters, mitigated by a pro-life undertone, and the movie stresses woman having children and extols the connection between a mother and a child

Foul Language:
At least 58 obscenities (more than half are “f” words) and 21 profanities

Man throws something at a woman, man and woman are enraged at each other, and a newborn baby turns blue and dies

Husband wants wife to touch his private parts in bedroom scene, implied adulterous sex in an office, wife kisses another man at a nightclub

Male genital nudity is shown a couple times, female genital nudity during childbirth, upper female nudity in one scene, brief rear nudity, and some female cleavage

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
Smoking, vaping, marijuana use, and man snorts powdered prescription drug

Alcohol Use:
Alcohol use, drunkenness and man breaks his sobriety;

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Lying, deceit, married couple does not commit to each other and draws apart.

More Detail:

PIECES OF A WOMAN follows the story of a heartbroken woman who must cope with the death of her first baby right after childbirth. PIECES OF A WOMAN is well acted, with a pro-life message, but it has a depressing, hopeless, humanist worldview overall, marred by strong foul language, excessive nudity and other lewd content.

Martha is going into labor, with her husband, Sean. They are excitedly expecting a child and have decided to use a midwife. When Martha has contractions within six minutes apart, Sean calls the midwife. The midwife says that she is not available because she is in another labor, so instead another midwife comes named Eva. When Eva comes to help deliver the baby, she makes a bath for Martha, and Martha sits in the bath for a few moments and then transfer to her bed.

Soon after, the baby comes, but turns blue. Frantically, Sean calls 911 and the ambulance comes, but it’s too late, the baby has passed.

Months later, Martha’s mother, Elizabeth, is trying to convince her to sue the midwife, as she is convinced it was the midwife’s fault. Martha is completely distraught but doesn’t want to blame the midwife. Months pass, and Sean is now drinking and doing drugs, going back to his old life and giving up his sobriety.

Without Martha knowing, Sean and Martha’s mother have filed with a female lawyer against the midwife. The lawyer is actually Martha’s cousin. When Sean meets her, the two end up fornicating while talking about the lawsuit. At this point, Sean and Martha’s relationship is a complete disaster, and they have separated.

Will the midwife be prosecuted? Will Martha ever feel herself again after the loss of her baby?

PIECES OF A WOMAN is an overlong, depressing movie. The movie really has very little purpose because the plot dissolves, and the questions are not answered. Before watching the movie, viewers should ask themselves if they’d like to watch someone in labor in excruciating pain for twenty minutes and then watch that same person be depressed for the next 100 minutes. Though the main actress may get press for her acting ability, the average moviegoer will find the movie to be a waste of time.

PIECES OF A WOMAN has a pro-life message, but it’s marred by a very negative, depressing humanist worldview. Everything in the movie points to a humanist worldview. PIECES OF A WOMAN also has lots of foul language, substance abuse, excessive nudity, and other lewd content.