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"Fighting for Family"

What You Need To Know:

RETRIBUTION stars Liam Neeson as Matt Turner, a wealthy bank executive who’s losing touch with his family due to work. One morning, Matt wakes up and is forced to take his two children, Zach and Emily, to school. Begrudgingly, he starts to drive them to school when he receives a mysterious phone call. Over the phone, an anonymous voice tells Matt that he has rigged his car to explode if he gets out of the driver’s seat. Worse, the local police believe that the perpetrator is Matt himself. Can he save his family?

RETRIBUTION is an exciting action movie, with great production values. The movie will keep viewers on the edge of their seats during the duration of its runtime. It has a strong moral worldview stressing the importance of family, forgiveness and doing the right thing. Matt is willing to sacrifice his wellbeing for the safety of his children and wife. Sadly, there is some strong foul language, including several “f” words and five GD profanities. RETRIBUTION also contains intense action violence and explosions. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong and extreme caution.


(BB, C, LL, VV, M)

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong moral pro-family worldview with redemptive values stresses the importance of family, redemption, sacrifice, forgiveness, doing what is right in the face of evil, and a family’s love for one another

Foul Language:
Brief strong foul language includes three “f” words, five “s” words, two “SOB” obscenities, a middle finger, two “ah” obscenities, and

Lots of strong and light action violence throughout, the movie opens with a car explosion that is sudden, several more car explosions happen but are not graphic or bloody, and in one car explosion a younger girl is hit in the leg and face with pieces of shrapnel and some blood is shown

No nudity

No sex, but there is a mention of a possible divorce

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
At times, siblings are mean to each other.

More Detail:

RETRIBUTION is an exciting new action thriller starring Liam Neeson as a wealthy bank executive named Matt Turner. Matt’s wife asks him to help with the children and take them to school. He begrudgingly says yes, as he is extremely busy with work. To add to his stress, over the past year he and his clients have lost money.

Matt struggles to get his daughter, Emily, and her older brother, Zach, in the car, but once he does, their day takes a turn for the worst. Matt receives an anonymous phone call that informs him there’s a bomb underneath his seat. If he gets out of the car, calls the cops, or lets his children leave the car, the voice tells him the car will explode.

At the mercy of the anonymous voice, Matt decides to oblige to his requests. The voice forces him to watch one of his work colleagues explode, when his passenger steps outside the car. Soon, Matt realizes that a series of crimes all connect back to him, and it appears to local officials that he’s the sole perpetrator. He continues to obey the anonymous voice, even when it involves his wife.

However, when his two children are put in danger, Matt must make a decision: keep obeying the voice’s violent commands, or take matters into his own hands.

Ultimately, RETRIBUTION is an exciting, fast-paced action thriller that will keep many viewers on the edge of their seats. The performances are compelling, and the action setpieces are riveting and well-crafted.

RETRIBUTION is akin to many of Liam Neeson’s recent action blockbusters. However, RETRIBUTION notably has a strong moral worldview that emphasizes family and sacrifice. It also has some strong themes about redemption and forgiveness. Sadly, these strong positive elements are marred by the movie’s foul language and action violence. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution due to the use of several f-words, five GD profanities and intense car explosions.

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