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"To Do My Fathers’ Will"

What You Need To Know:

“Spirit” is the fifth episode of THE CHOSEN’s second season. Jesus, Simon Peter, Andrew, and Phillip meet with John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin. Jesus speaks with John privately, where John tells Jesus of his plans to confront King Herod. John asks Jesus why he’s taking so long to begin His public ministry. Jesus maintains there’s a time for everything, and when the time for Him to go public happens, He will. Meanwhile, two Pharisees question Jessie, Simon the Zealot’s brother, about the miracle Jesus did for Jessie on the Sabbath. Back in the camp, a demon-possessed man threatens the apostles and confronts Mary Magdalene.

The “Spirit” episode of THE CHOSEN is absorbing, inspiring and thought provoking. The musical score complements the story, characters and performances perfectly. The episode indicates the struggles that those following Jesus will have to face. However, Jesus offers some advice to John the Baptist that His followers can apply to any situation, especially as they fulfill the various missions God assigns to them. He advises John to always listen to God’s voice as he goes into the lion’s den.


(CCC, BBB, V, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very Strong Christian, biblical worldview against the historical background of the New Testament documents, with Jesus meeting with John the Baptist and Jesus, the apostles and Mary Magdalene encountering a demon-possessed man, and focusing on God is emphasized, plus Jesus casts out a demon, faith and healing are highlighted, living a new life for Christ is critical, and Jesus throws a man’s blade away, saying that he will learn to fight with new weapons

Foul Language:
No foul language (though a demoniac is repeatedly referred to as crazy)

Light violence, demon-possessed man attacks woman, man saves woman from demoniac, man pulls a knife on demoniac, demoniac tries to strangle a man to death, and demon forces man he is inhabiting to cut himself

No sex

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use, but a woman goes to a brothel/bar after speaking with and being attacked by a demoniac

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Light immoral behavior man lies to a civilian to gain his trust for information.

More Detail:

In the “Spirit” episode of THE CHOSEN, Mary Magdalene sees Roman soldier while she picks some fruit. This brings up memories of her past and causes her to hide. Meanwhile, Jesus, Simon Peter, Andrew, and Phillip meet with Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist. Jesus tells the others to go back so he can speak with his cousin privately. Mary is teaching Ramah how to read and write but is having a hard time after seeing the Roman soldier. Matthew notices that something is wrong with Mary.

The two Pharisees Shmuel and Omar interrogate Jessie to continue building a case against Jesus and His followers. While this is happening, Simon the Zealot stays near Jesus’ encampment watching and waiting for Jesus to return. This leads Simon to meet a demon-possessed man. They speak, and Simon decides it’s better to let the man alone.

John the Baptist and Jesus have a conversation. John question Jesus as to why He’s taken His ministry so slow instead of going up in front of the people. Jesus maintains that there is a time for everything, and when the time for Him to go public happens, then He will.

The demon-possessed man stumbles upon the camp with only the women, Thomas, and Matthew present. Mary tries to talk with the man. She has empathy for someone who’s going through the same situation she was until Jesus freed her. The demon-possessed man attacks Mary, but Simon the Zealot jumps in fighting the man to protect the others. Jesus, John the Baptist, and the others arrive just as Simon is being choked to death.

“Spirit” continues directly where the fourth episode of Season Two leaves off. This episode has a wonderful moment with Jesus and John sitting by the water talking. John says, “It is one thing to hear it in a prophecy, but another thing when it is actually happening.” The scene also foreshadows how Jesus knows what will happen when John goes to confront King Herod. The end of the episode shows Jesus practicing the Sermon on the Mount when Simon Peter and Matthew appear to report to Jess that Mary hasn’t returned to the camp. This brief interlude is filmed beautifully. It gives viewers a look into the humanity of Jesus, while other lines of dialogue and scenes demonstrate His divinity. At one point, Jesus talks with Simon the Zealot, telling Simon that His mission is “to do my Father’s will.”

The “Spirit” episode of THE CHOSEN is absorbing, inspiring and thought provoking. There are a few scenes involving a demon-possessed man, and a scene where Mary Magdalene is frightened when she sees a Roman soldier on horseback.