SUPERKITTIES: Episode 1.1-1.3

"Purr-fect Adventures in Guiding and Helping Others"


What You Need To Know:

In Season One of SUPERKITTIES on Disney+, ordinary kittens living in a kindergarten transform into superheroes when the animals in Kittydale need help. Typically, the SuperKitties use their unique gadgets to solve problems and stop misguided villains from causing trouble. If any SuperKitty struggles with a moral dilemma, their teammates help them do the right thing. The heroes usually pass that lesson on to the villains after defeating them. The first three episodes of SUPERKITTIES feature six stories about returning stolen items, being patient, trying new things, spending time with friends, making amends, and sharing the spotlight.

SUPERKITTIES isn’t the most unique concept. However, the first three episodes deliver lots of fun, non-threatening thrills for families. They spice up frequent chase scenes with upbeat musical numbers and contain plenty of cute animal visuals to portray strong moral lessons. The first three episodes of Season One promote learning right from wrong, justice, and loving and helping one another, including one’s enemies. SUPERKITTIES has some villainous mischief like stealing and destruction and light cartoon violence, but this content is handled in a family-friendly way.


(BBB, C, Pa, V, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong moral worldview with some redemptive elements stresses learning right from wrong, justice and loving one another, characters encourage one another to do the right thing, respond well to correction and prevent harm or discomfort from befalling one another, and the heroes even show love to their enemies and teach them right from wrong, plus one episode does show a golden statue designed very similarly to pagan idols, but explains that it was a way for villagers to thank a heroic cat from the past

Foul Language:
No foul language

No direct violence, but sometimes vehicles will fall or fly through the air, characters fall into water, “villains” create some destruction such as stomping on flowers, and most confrontations between heroes and villains involve a chase scene

No sex

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
The villains often act selfishly or out of revenge, but are always defeated and encouraged to make their misdeeds right by the end of every adventure.

More Detail:

SUPERKITTIES is an animated series on Disney+ about four kittens who spend their days entertaining human children at a kindergarten and responding to calls for help as their superhero personas. They use gadgets along with their motto of remaining “brave, smart, strong, and kind” to resolve problems within the city of Kittydale. Sometimes this involves defeating supervillains, and it always results in the kittens learning moral lessons, which they are encouraged to “take to heart.”

Each episode of Season One of SUPERKITTIES is split into two short stories. MOVIEGUIDE® screened the first three episodes for Season One. The episodes are being released every Friday since January 13, 2023. The final two episodes of Season One are being released February 24 and March 3, 2023.

Part one of Episode 1.1, “The Great Yarn Caper,” is about the SuperKitties trying to find out who has been stealing everyone’s favorite yarn items. They stop supervillain Cat Burglar from creating a giant yarn ball for himself, only to learn that he wants to use it to replace his favorite blanket, which was lost. The SuperKitties return Cat Burglar’s favorite blanket and teach him to consider the other animals’ feelings when he stole their yarn. In the end, Cat Burglar gets his favorite blanket back and returns all the yarn he stole, which reminds the SuperKitties that nobody should take what doesn’t belong to them.

In Part 2, “Get the Boot,” the SuperKitties must stop Lab Rat from squishing all of the flowers around the Kittydale Flower Festival. After destroying her giant, destructive boots, the heroes learn that Lab Rat was simply trying to make the day special for her best friend after his special flower was squished by accident. The SuperKitties teach Lab Rat that any day is special when you are spending time with friends, and she makes amends by restoring the town’s flowers.

In Episode 1.2 of SUPERKITTIES, Part 1 is called “Fireworks Fright.” The town’s fireworks are stolen by the villainous Mr. Puppypaws. Sparks is afraid of loud noises, and so is Mr. Puppypaws. After stopping his attempt to bury the fireworks, Sparks gives his noise-cancelling ear protectors away to the villain out of a desire to be kind to everyone, and his friends help him protect his ears during the celebration.

In Part 2 of Episode 1.2, “Cheese Trees,” the SuperKitties must put a stop to Lab Rat’s plans to turn all of Kittydale into her favorite food, cheese! One of the SuperKitties really dislikes touching sticky cheese, but her friends help her to be brave and do something she doesn’t like anyway. She teaches Lab Rat to try new things, like eating strawberries instead of changing everything into cheese.

In Episode 1.3 of SUPERKITTIES, the first story, “Silent Surprise,” is about the talented Singing Squirrels losing their voices thanks to vain and jealous songbird Zsa-Zsa just before their concert. One of the SuperKitties overcomes his nervousness to fill their shoes. The SuperKitties make sure Zsa-Zsa knows that they like her beautiful voice, but she has to learn to share the spotlight.

In Part 2 of Episode 1.3, “Fufu Snafu,” the SuperKitties must take back the gold statue of the first SuperKitty which Cat Burglar stole from Kittydale’s Museum. Eventually, they learn that he was only stealing it because he couldn’t wait for its unveiling. So, everyone is reminded that being patient is worthwhile.

SUPERKITTIES may not have the more challenging stories some of Disney Junior’s other animated television shows offer, but it makes up for this with adorable animal antics and a strong moral lesson in each episode. The animal puns in the dialogue are funny, and the animation, though simple, is not lazy, featuring entertaining moments of action and cuteness combined. One downside to SUPERKITTIES is that the villains often have more personality and better character designs than the four heroes themselves, who feel a little bland by comparison. Though the young target audience for SUPERKITTIES might not notice this consciously, it could subconsciously lead to more excitement to watch the bad guys than the good guys.

SUPERKITTIES is an incredibly moral show, often featuring biblical principles like justice, protection of the innocent, and love. Teaching the bad guys right from wrong routinely reminds the SuperKitties, themselves, of moral truths, which they are careful to record at the end of every adventure. Another fantastic bonus is that the villains always have to make amends for their mischief after being defeated, which can teach a valuable lesson about consequences and redemption. Finally, one of the most positive elements of SUPERKITTIES is the relationship between the four heroes, themselves. For example, each episode features one of the kittens feeling discouraged or nearly making a mistake, while the other three encourage their pal or remind them of the best way to be: Brave, strong, smart, and kind!

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