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What You Need To Know:


Incessant obscenities and profanities; references to fornication, filthy sexual innuendoes and lewdness; murder, revenge, blackmail and violence; desecration of cemetery, animal cruelty; and, brief devil worship.

More Detail:

Rock ‘n roll detective Ford Fairlane (so-called because he specializes in the music industry) is investigating the mysterious death of a heavy metal rocker. He is approached by Johnny Crunch, a deejay friend, and by Colleen, the wife of a wealthy music tycoon, both of whom want Fairlane to find a young, teenage groupie named ZuZu.

However, Johnny Crunch and Colleen are murdered. Pursuing clues, Fairlane explores the seamy underbelly of the Los Angeles music industry. He locates ZuZu, and stumbling onto the trail of some stolen computer discs, discovers that Grendel, the music tycoon, has been ripping off his own company. Those who found out were murdered.

Grendel sends his hit men after Fairlane and ZuZu. More murders occur, and the tables are eventually turned on Grendel, but not before his body goes up in flames.

Filthy sexual innuendoes and obscenities from Fairlane’s mouth fill the film from beginning to end. In love with himself, the humor from this hate-fueled comic turned movie star is straight from the gutter. Are four-letter words and sexual references really all that people of the 90s laugh at? Hollywood apparently thinks so, for sexual lewdness and references to fornication with women abound. There are also more bad jokes about dead bodies, a desecration of a cemetery and a brief devil worship scene.

Constantly littering the landscape with a perpetual cigarette that hangs from his lips, this insulting yet rather dim-witted fellow makes it a point to role model negative values to youngsters in THE ADVENTURES OF FORD FAIRLANE. Do not be deceived into thinking you are watching somebody act. Rather, you are watching a coarse man behave even coarser. With a confusing storyline, animal cruelty and murder, be sure to avoid this repugnant film.

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