What You Need To Know:

THE CHOSEN SEASON 4: Episode 1 is part of a theatrical release of the first three episodes of Season 4 of the crowd-funded show about Jesus. The episode begins with a young Mary, Jesus’ mother, visiting her cousin, Elizabeth, who’s now pregnant with John the Baptist. The visit affirms Mary’s visitation from the angel Gabriel and about Jesus’ destiny but also stresses the role John will play in preparing the way for Jesus as the Messiah. Then, the episode fast forwards to the night when King Herod’s daughter traps the King into beheading John.

THE CHOSEN SEASON 4: Episode 1 is riddled with different subplot points such as the funding of the ministry. The episode brings more seriousness to the program by foreshadowing what’s to come for Jesus and His disciples. However, there are too many characters and plot points. That said, Episode 1 artistically expounds on the characters in an uplifting, Christ-centered, sometimes heartrending way. It champions the Bible, Jesus and the cost of following Him. THE CHOSEN SEASON 4: Episode 1 is an inspiring, faith-filled program for the family.


(CCC, BBB, S, A, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong Christian, biblical worldview focuses on Jesus Christ and His teachings, and stays true to the Word of God, with much of the dialogue being quotes lifted straight from the biblical text;

Foul Language:
No foul language;

Very brief allusions to an execution;

No sex scenes, but allusions to an extramarital relationship;

No nudity; Alcohol Use/Abuse: Characters drink wine, which is historically accurate to the time;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Nothing else objectionable.

More Detail:

THE CHOSEN SEASON 4: Episode 1 is part of a theatrical release of the first three episodes of Season 4 of the crowd-funded show about the life of Jesus Christ. THE CHOSEN SEASON 4: Episode 1 creates a Christ-centered, inspiring, sometimes winsome, and sometimes heartrending experience for the whole family and champions the Bible, Jesus and the truth of Christ’s teaching to all people.

The first episode of Season 4 picks up where Season 3 left off, with Jesus continuing his ministry while John the Baptist remains in prison. The disciples are busy with ministerial tasks and finding new ways to fund the life of wandering preachers. Meanwhile, a sense of urgency is heightened as Joanna, the wife of Chuza (steward of King Herod) is told that John is soon to be executed.

Judas is beginning to question Jesus’ ways with Simon the Zealot while they’re washing the clothes. Judas wants to expand the ministry and make it more efficient instead of being tied down with monotonous tasks. Simon warns Judas that he’s very learned but not wise, and he needs to try to understand what Jesus is trying to do.

Big James and John take the newly pressed olive oil from Zebedee’s new olive oil business to Jairus, supervisor of the temple, to establish a new olive oil contract between them and the temple. They keep their identity as Jesus’ followers a secret, and Tamar is upset that she’s not allowed in the negotiation meeting.

Meanwhile, Thomas and Rhema’s courtship continues, and wedding plans are being made. All of this is under the attentive eye of their friends who ensure the relationship is above board. Rhema and Thomas discuss who will perform their wedding since her father doesn’t approve.

Following this light and humorous exchange, the episode takes on a darker tone when Herod’s party begins. There is drinking and dancing, which would be very prevalent in that culture. Then Herod’s daughter begins her dance to impress her father. The tension is built up as Herodias is hoping that the offering is well accepted by Herod. The dance is expertly choreographed and pleases Herod. “Ask anything of me up to half my kingdom,” he says. His daughter then whispers in his ear which is not heard by anyone, but the implication is clear.

The episode backtracks to a scene of John’s name day when he is a baby. The elders and people ask Elizabeth what the child’s name is and are surprised by her response that he is to be named John. Zachariah then confirms this on a tablet and immediately his voice comes back to him, and he’s able to speak.

In the present time, John is taken to the execution room, where he is tied down and prepared for his beheading. He sees a guard polishing a silver plate and asks what it is for, to which a guard responds it was requested by Herod and is meant for only the finest of wedding banquets. John then chuckles, to which the guard asks, “What is so funny?” John replies he’s never been to a wedding banquet, but that he’s on his way to one. When asked what that means, John replies, “You wouldn’t understand.” As John looks out the window, he sees a vision of a lamb in a field.

At the end of the first episode, Jesus and his disciples discover the death of John. Jesus is greatly upset by this news and tears his clothes and puts ash on his head. The disciples, especially Andrew, are also visibly upset but are reminded that John’s task was complete. He prepared the way.

This episode feature contains many quotations from Scripture that will inspire and uplift viewers with the hope, truth and peace that can only come from Jesus Christ and God’s Word Written. The episode provides a firm launching point for the rest of the season, as danger increases for Jesus and his ministry.

THE CHOSEN SEASON 4: Episode 1 artistically expounds on many minor characters in an uplifting, Christ-centered way. The episode champions the Bible, Jesus, and the cost of following Him. The camerawork and acting are high quality. However, the nature of expounding on so many characters and plot points can’t but help make the show seem slightly discombobulated. That said, THE CHOSEN SEASON 4: Episode 1 is an inspiring, faith-filled, biblical movie, safe for the whole family. The ending of Episode 1 is very heartrending, so be prepared.

The theatrical debut contains an intro by the show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins, featuring stand-in characters who play young Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and her cousin Elizabeth, the mother of John. The scene foreshadows the life of John and his role in Jesus’ life.

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