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THE LAST CHANCE DETECTIVE series produced by Focus on the Family is a creative and adventurous way to teach biblical principles to young children. MOVIEGUIDE highly recommends it as a source of entertainment for youngsters who love a good mystery.


(B) Biblical perspective, positive reference to God, Bible verses read, strong encouragement of truth & forgiveness.

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The mystery film series THE LAST CHANCE DETECTIVES, produced by Focus on the Family, is a creative way to instill biblical values in children, and MYSTERY LIGHTS OF THE NAVAJO MESA is the first episode of the series. The story begins as Mike and his mother move to be with his father’s parents after his father is lost in action while flying over enemy territory. Before his father left, he gave Mike a compass and a Bible, instructing Mike to keep them both so his path will always remain straight. Soon, Mike and three partners, Spence, Winnie Whitefeather and Ben Jones form “The Last Chance Detectives.” The MYSTERY LIGHTS OF NAVAJO MESA begins when Spence stumbles upon an ancient Navajo language being spoken as a secret code. The detectives decide to investigate the Navajo Mesa. After playing a practical joke, Ben decides to leave the group and head out across the desert alone. While driving across the desert, he falls from his bike at the sight of a frightening neon light hovering above his head. After he escapes, Ben in a wild hysteria storms into the Last Chance Diner and exclaims, “There’s aliens landing in the desert!” The mystery of the lights is solved by the Last Chance Detectives, but they are forced to keep the information top secret.

MOVIEGUIDE highly recommends THE LAST CHANCE DETECTIVES as a source of moral entertainment for youngsters who love a good mystery.

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