6 Real World Tony Stark Compounds

Tony Stark has all that a super hero could ever want in his sprawling Malibu cliff-side mansion, but having a few more houses spread around the world never hurt anybody. Check out these amazing compounds.

1. Antilla, Mumbai


The first billion dollar home. This 27 story residence even has a 50 seat cinema to watch all your favorite Iron Man movies on.

2. Bandar, Brunei

This palace is over 2 million square feet and has 110 car garage. You’ll need to have a cell phone just to talk to your guests down the hall!

3. Palm Beach, Florida

The Maison de L’Amitie is owned by none other than Donald Trump. This 60,000 square foot property sits right on the ocean.

4. Cannes, France

Nothing says luxury like owning a chateau in the south of France. And the asking price on this property is only $8 million.

5. Germany

This 1,000 year old castle set on a hillside in Germany is the perfect 2nd home in Europe.

6. La Jolla, California


Yes, you’re seeing that right. This is the real deal. You can own the residence that Tony Stark’s home is based off of for a cool $39 million. It’s not in Malibu, but La Jolla is just as nice.

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