E! Host Jason Kennedy: God’s Not Wasting His Time

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My queen ❤️ – lemme tell you a little something about her. The last few weeks I’ve been down bc I REALLY miss doing what I love but COVID has derailed in person interviews for a while. Lo picks up on everything and knows when I need extra love. She highlights chapters in books that will encourage me. Schedules a video call with a counselor to retrain negative thoughts into what’s actually true. Texts my friends to check up on me and lies that she didn’t tell them lol. She’s the best and she’s been putting up with my moods since March 13th. If you’re an extrovert that thrives on being around people and working hard, you get it. I’m reminded today that God is not wasting this time with any of us. Tap into what He’s trying to teach you. We have so many things to be thankful for. Check on your family and friends, encourage them, pray for them, it will make you feel better. ❤️

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