Florist prints entire Iron Man suit

A 20 year old man printed an entire Iron Man suit from a standard 3D printer.

Ross Wilkes bought the 3d printer for $600 and it took him 14 months to complete the project.

His model is over 6 ft tall and was made by putting together over 600 individually printed components. Each of the individual pieces took an average of 30 minutes to print.

“I’ve loved making the Iron Man suit, it’s taken a while but it’s been worth it,” he said. “I’ve already started working on a 3D printed version of Captain America’s shield – soon Halesowen will have its own full set of Avengers! 3D printers are still fairly new and lots of people don’t know they exist. Although it seems pretty high-tech, these machines are actually really easy to use and will become much more popular in the next couple of years.”

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