Korie Robertson on COVID: Don’t Live in Fear But Also…


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Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! I had such a sweet day with the fam and am feeling especially cared for and loved šŸ„° Was thinking today how just about every plan I had for this past year of life hasnā€™t happened in the way I thought it would (pretty sure you can relate) Iā€™ve accepted some of them graciously, sometimes Iā€™ve pouted a bit, and some of the changes Iā€™ve enjoyed. In all, through all, and above all I am thankful, even for this crazy year of 2020! Life is a beautiful gift, and not one to be taken for granted! Iā€™m learning to be content with what it brings, not what was ā€œsupposed to beā€ but what is. Trusting that Godā€™s ways are higher than mine, and not simply being okay with that, but being grateful for that, in absolute awe of that, praising Him for that. Iā€™m convinced thatā€™s the only way to truly live! Much love to you all! Really, if no one as told you lately, you are loved ā¤ļø

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