Special Operation Commanders Want Iron Man Suits

Fiction is beginning to look like reality more and more these days. In an article in the Intercept, “the U.S. military command in charge of special operations is betting tens of millions of dollars on a science fiction suit that would wrap troops in high-tech body armor and effectively afford them superhuman abilities.”

The article continues, “In addition to an “integrated” weapons system and the best body armor money can buy, TALOS, according to the materials distributed at SOFIC, will also house “technologies for real-time physiological, cognitive and medical monitoring” and “cognitive interface systems to provide an exponential leap in situational awareness” — in other words, man and weaponized robo-suit shall become one, fused together in body and mind.”

Iron Man? Robocop? Darth Vadar? Maybe a mixture of all three?

Read the full article here.


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